Accepting the uncertainty…

Hey gang,

How is everyone the morning?! I really wanted and was striving to write a more up beat post but today for my family is payday and you know what that means bill paying time. Ugh! While I am grateful I have money in the bank to even pay any bills at all, do you ever feel like what you do have in the bank is never enough? You work tirelessly for what you do have, and still there is Never Enough!

My story is not at all simple and to the many who know me personally know I wear multiple hats and I mean multiple hats in a days work. I am a momma, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a co-worker, a sister in Christ, are just to name a few and while I strive daily to wear all my hats well, there are days where I choose to pick maybe two or three hats and do those duties really well and tend to not worry about the rest. Usually when this happens and I am choosing my hats for the day is because it’s payday. Some people maybe be reading this and say girl your answer is a budget! Make yourself a monthly budget. Oh honey I so do this! I am the one who uses Microsoft excel and will balance my funds out to the last penny. What I’m getting at is money for me no matter if we are in a great season, or a really crappy season, money for me creates an uncertainty feeling in me that I do not like. I do not like payday because then it forces me to think about this uncertainty feeling. There is probably some underlying psychological trauma on why I feel this way with money as well, as it has always seemed to be a subject I was naive about since as far back as I can remember. But also a subject I continually work to be educated on. Heck I even got my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting. Can anyone relate to this feeling? Which leads me to today’s blog in accepting your life uncertainties.

Whatever your life uncertainties are… know it is completely ok and healthy to not know all the answers. It is completely healthy to let life take you by the “balls” and wing it. In my own life I have come to see the more I plan, the more my plans fall a part. My OCD self wants to believe I am in control, when in reality I am not at all in control. Gods plan for me and my life was already set into place once I was conceived. Its up to me to remain obedient and truly accept my life’s uncertainties whatever they may be. Because in the end those uncertainties may lead up to my life’s destiny. Are you still with me friends… Have you put in any thought to what your life destiny will be? That everything you have been through in your life good and bad, planned or not planned, will all lead up to one moment in life where you realize your exactly where you need to be because this was all part of his bigger plan. I am in an online bible study and have been for the last 5 weeks (Shout out to all my Beautifully Brave Ladies!) and if you are having a hard time resonating with me and where my thoughts are today I encourage you to go pick up Beth’s Moore Esther bible series (And no I get no kick back in saying her name or bible series LOL). There is a workbook, and videos you can purchase and I encourage you to learn more about Esther and her story, trust me I hadn’t picked up a bible in my adult life before this series started, and friends I can’t tell you the clarity, the freedom, the peace her story will bring to your own life and how you feel about your life’s uncertainties.

I realize I am asking a lot and I also know this may be a daily struggle for many of us and it will take a lot of conscious effort in the beginning to learn to just accept our life uncertainties, but that’s ok friends. Be kind to yourself! This is what personal development is all about. #Thisismedoinglife


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