Confidence is Beautiful…

Hey guys!

I was going back in forth on if I would write today. I have been asked a lot this week why now start a blog? Why now are you starting to tell your story. The answer is gods timing! I have been consistently keeping a journal since January 8th 2018 when I started my 100 days to Brave journey with my online bible study group. This 100 days to Brave journal experience was amazing to say the least, even when I didn’t feel like I could move forward to the next day in the book I caught myself still wanting to update my journal because it was a great outlet for me get my thoughts out of my head and on paper. My 100 days to Brave journey as I told you a few days ago is still not over, I myself have not made it to the 100th lesson in that book. Partly because some of the really hard topics took me days, and sometimes weeks to really work through. I am pretty sure the author knew this would happen for people who truly took the 100 days to brave to heart. If your looking for a good starting point for yourself on personal development this book will not disappoint.

I used to journal a lot as a child in middle school and into high school and some where lost my way. I remember I tried to pick it back up once I became pregnant in 2012 that lasted about 6 months before I let life distractions get in the way. Think for a second the people in your life who show confidence, who speak words of wisdom, who when you talk to them an overwhelming peace comes over you and for whatever reason you can’t quite put your finger on as to why they make you feel this way. I’ll tell you why, because confidence my friends is beautiful! Confidence can make a person glow from the inside out. Truly confident people don’t necessarily have all the answers your looking for, instead they have the ears to listen to your sorrows or your tears of joy, they have a heart to give even if they have nothing but there time to give you. My pastor refers to the fruits of the holy spirit a lot in his lessons and in case you are not familiar with what they are here ya go. Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, goodness, Faithfulness, gentleness, faith, modesty, consistency (self-control) and chastity. No where in here do you see that it says beauty, body figure, size, do you guys see where I am going with this. The fruits of the spirit is what helps a person find their true inner confidence and that you guys is beautiful!

I follow quite a few ladies on social media who everyday inspire me and teach me new things. Sometimes while I am watching their videos or listening to their podcasts I think to myself man she is speaking directly to me. Recently listening to Rachel Hollis I love her idea of the “power of self talk.” Self talk can truly be a very powerful tool when used correctly and practiced a lot. Practicing self talk is a task in itself, at first I felt funny, kinda stupid and I was not feeling like I was inspiring myself. I actually thought this might lead me to set up a psych visit for myself. LOL! But the more I practiced this self talk, things in my life changed, such as this blog, such as my attitude, the important items on my to do list that I have truly asked and prayed to change are changing.

As I have said from Day one you my friend have the power to change. You my friend have the power to change the course of how your life is going. You my friend have the world at your finger tips if you allow your willingness to change take complete control over your spirit. This has been a true experience of freedom and peace like I have never experienced before. I encourage you to take the time to find a podcast, someone on social media who inspires you, find a personal development article and just start reading or watching. Listen to their wisdom, listen to their testimony. Write down what similarities the people who you are choosing to follow have. My friend you have it within you to be confident and beautiful, take that first step! #Thisismedoinglife


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