Do you fill your own cup…

Hey Readers! I promise you my writings will not stop. However I am currently working on my next BIG project of writing a book and it seems that task will be more time consuming then I ever imagined. But I know it will all pay off. Definitely a journey into the unknown, but all the hype has been very exciting for me in itself. I can’t wait to start sharing with you chapters for my upcoming book.

The last few weeks have been so uplifting for me personally, I have made more time for myself than I have in a long time. I have made it a point to spend time out of comfort zone as my husband and I joined a marrieds bible study group on Wednesday Nights. I have made it a point to have dinner dates with amazing women who also believe in lifting one another up, no judgment just true mommas needing to spend sometime outside the home. The experiences have been so rewarding and much needed for all of us. Last Friday night although it started with dinner and drinks of course we end the night dancing our butts off. A group of moms not out for any other reason than just to be ourselves and have a great time in our own skin. It was amazing!! Then last night I got to go to a comedy show with the social media hit mommas called “I mom so hard” it was a show I have been waiting for months to attend and come back to Denver. Our group of ladies started early with a much needed dinner date before the show. Everyone talked about the happenings in life, what the kids are up too, what struggles are we currently facing or overcoming it was just ladies being an amazing support team to one another. After dinner we went to the show and OMGeeee ladies who are reading this I couldn’t of asked for the show to be any better!! Hilarious!! We all laughed our butts off!! My stomach muscles are sore the morning from all the laughing. Who knew though… that I could have experienced such greatness the last two weeks with ladies? And while I was having the time of my life I was able to fill my own cup in the process. 

If you have never heard of this term “Fill you own cup” that’s ok, I will try and break it down for you. I know for me personally I am a “doer”, a “fixer” if someone asks me for my help, I will agree to help and in the process I will do everything in my power to “fix” whatever the issue was to begin with. I was investing so much of my time into helping others, that I wasn’t aware what it was doing to me as an individual. I always help everyone else even if that means I myself have to sacrifice my own hopes and dreams. I’m not at all saying helping others is wrong or that you shouldn’t do it, but what I do know to be true is helping others is that much more powerful when you can balance out helping others and helping yourself. If you have read some of my past blogs you know by now I was/am on a workout journey. I devote 2-3 days of making sure I get my fitness in. It has been a year now since I started doing this for myself. You guys this is still a hard goal for me to achieve week after week. But when I am conscious in devoting time and days to be at the gym this also helps me to fill my own cup. Mom guilt, wife guilt is a real thing and I hate to sound dismissive to the people reading this. I’m sure their are people reading and saying but I am not as strong as you to fight that guilt. My answer to this is do what I did, start with a small goal and work at that small goal. Week after week, work on that small goal. Then watch it blossom into you now being more confident and ok in your decisions to make dinner plans with girlfriends, or coffee dates with other moms in your area. Once you start to see just how empty your cup truly was and what difference it is making, focusing on your small goals will really make you appreciate those larger goals and make those more manageable to tackle. Do you follow me? 

So readers men included in this because filling your own cup is just as important as it is for the lady in your life. Make time this week to fill your cup. Seriously! Let the babies stay with a sitter for a little while so you my friend can focus on filling your own cup. Even if you can’t commit to a full night out, give yourself a block of time 1-2 hours. To focus time on reading a book you longed to read, to working out and getting fit, to meal prepping for yourself for the week. Whatever it may be focus some time to fill your own cup, you won’t regret your decision to do so.

Love you guys!! Continued thanks for the Facebook messages I get week after week for support. It’s truly humbling and keeps me motivated to put my words on paper. #Thisismedoinglife #Honesttruthaboutguilt #Yourstrongerthanthat

Fill your cup

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