Encouraging Others…

Hello friends,

Wow! The response I got from my first blog yesterday was amazing! Thank you all for being so kind. It takes a special kind of brave to put yourself out to the world, to share you story with complete strangers. But if I have learned anything from “life” as we know it, is my story may save someone else’s heartache if I catch them in time. Today’s writing as it has been on my heart since I opened my eyes the morning is encouraging others. What do we do to encourage others? Remember I am not a doctor of any kind, I am just one person in this BIG ole world. But really though do you think about encouraging others?? When I really put a lot of thought into it, encouraging others is not always easy. As encouraging others takes work, sometimes the people you want to encourage most don’t want you to encourage them at all. Am I right?

We all have the negative Nancy’s in our lives. Or sometimes encouraging others is hard because quite frankly you don’t feel qualified enough to even encourage yourself. I know I have felt this way, many times in my life actually. Things that have worked for me to keep me motivated, keep me on my mission to encourage others, to help others and to love others. Realizing this life I have been given is not about “me” that’s right when I encourage others well that is because I choose to realize in the BIG Picture this life is not about “me”. Ok, yes to some extent it is healthy to be selfish sometimes and I am sure I will have a blog all about that topic on its own. But truly guys life is not meant to be lived being selfish, being alone, or feeling alone. So I encourage others every chance I get. I will buy my friend flowers when I know she is having a tough week, I will get involved with the Facebook groups of women who a few times a year will make care packages for one another, just for the mere reason of its nice to receive a true surprise once in a while. Other ways I encourage that tend to cost nothing is writing reviews. Reviews for anything, like my Uber driver, my gym trainer, my amazon audibles. I have a friend who is absolutely great at checking in on me randomly. Sweet writings that say “good morning, praying for you guys.” and I love her for that. She will never know truly how much I have needed to hear her words on that particular day. Encouraging others is hard and it does take practice and may seem to some like kissing ass, LOL!! I know I said the word ass but come on, were all human and we know a butt kisser when we see one. But honestly a simple text, that coffee date you kept for weeks on the calendar, that chat in the lunch room, or the one hour you spent at the park with a friend or a stranger, dig for ways you can encourage people in your circle. Heck maybe it’s your spouse who needs the encouragement, I know my spouse has been going through a season and while I cannot fix this for my spouse, with gods help I encourage him the best way I know how. For us that is me showing up, day after day for him. Actually showing my actions of following through with my online bible study group, showing up for my disabled mom to get her to a doctors appointment, showing up for my co-workers even when by golly I truly just feel like I need to take a day off. My husband sees me lead by example daily, this to him has been encouraging. I didn’t know this was indeed the case until Saturday when he left me a note before he went hunting saying so. Any ladies, or men know what notes like this from your spouse or anyone close to you do to your heart! Mine exploded!! I cried, and cried. Happy tears because all along I was just doing my thing, and to know my husband, the man who is in a season of figuring out his “why” in life, has surely noticed me.

So I task you wonderful people reading my blog encourage someone today. Even if you can’t do it face to face, send a text, write a thank you note, heck do something for a complete stranger that takes you a wee bit out of your comfort zone. Once you begin to practice this, truly live out encouraging others the rewards from your circle will be overwhelming. #Thisismedoinglife

Encouraging Others

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