Give Grace…

Hello sunshine!!! 

Hey everyone hows life?!? Today I finally get the chance to slow down a bit. I have been a super busy human since Friday. I will use today to slow down, re set and get focused for the upcoming week. In saying this though does anyone else have the terrible habit of waking up in the morning especially on the weekends and checking their Facebook? or favorite social media site? I know I do. The morning while I was browsing social media I was caught off guard more than once with comments from others and usually I am the first to tell myself if you don’t like a comment or a post just keep scrolling. I say this to myself because more times than not people who write on social media tend to write while they are angry, or heated about a certain topic, they get brave behind a computer screen, write what they need to say and then forget about it. But the morning as I go back and forth scrolling I realized what if I respond but responded in a way I was able to give a little grace in my writings. 

Which brings me to my blog topic today, what does it look like in your life to give grace?

I know for me personally I have really had to practice this concept all week with my son, at my job, and with my family. Giving someone grace is not about letting them win, to me giving grace to someone is allowing yourself to open up your mind to their way of thinking and not attacking the other person for their way of thinking. Instead ponder on their words a bit, allow yourself to process and not speak with hate on your tongue. Giving grace does not have to always be something you do to others or for others either. Their are many times I have to practice giving grace to myself. To not allow my mind to be so hard on my physical body. Giving grace to ourselves is often times easier said than done and often times takes a lot more practice to achieve results. What I did find to be rather interesting was the correlation between giving grace to ourselves and giving grace to others. The two seem to go hand in hand and once you work hard to give grace to yourself, it seems or at least for me giving grace to others is not such an impossible task. 

I challenge my readers this week to work on giving grace and while I realize this post is rather short and sweet I encourage you to educate yourself about the word grace, do a google search and during the week when you start to feel entirely overwhelmed let grace win! #Thisismedoinglife #Talkingaboutgraceandnotjustonsundays

Give Grace




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