God has such a sense of humor…

Morning everyone!!!

I have to share my experience and what my day looked liked yesterday. My son and I were super busy yesterday but we had some time to kill before we headed off to a birthday party. I had been wanting to go into Barnes and Noble to pick up a new bible study book and since Barnes and Noble is not by our house it would require me to take a special trip just to go run that errand. Since we had some time to kill and was in the same shopping center as Barnes and Noble I told my son lets go in real quick. Right in the door way was a new upcoming author his name is Darron Spencer and he was marketing his new book Humane Policing, being that I was walking in and didn’t want to be rude he handed me his new book and I explained nicely to him to let me take a look while I browsed the store and I would bring it back to him if I ended up not buying the book.

I went on to the customer service desk and inquired about why I really went into the store, which was for my bible study book. Turns out they didn’t have what I was looking for, but my son now intrigued with the children’s book area wanted to check out the train table. Ok, I said let’s go. We were not even over in that area for a minute when a man approached me. Asking about the book I was holding in my hand! Oh yea, I wanted to look at this book myself! I explained nicely the author was standing up front and I was interested to know about this book as well. We got into talking, our kids now playing together. He was a Herbal life consultant, I told him about a few of my friends who also enjoy being a part of that community. We talked a lot about personal development books. The ones he has read and the ones I have read. Turns out he knew a gal I used to work with when I worked in banking. Before I knew it we had been sitting in the kids area talking and kids playing for 45 mins, I had a party to get too. I kindly told the guy it was nice to meet him and of course gave him my blog information.

Heading to the front of the store, it dawned on me to stop the author and ask him questions about book writing. How did he come up with a book title? How did he find a legit publishing company? How did he decide how long his book would be? Just questions I myself have been asking since I personally agreed to really take on writing my first book. Just so we are clear readers writing a book is unknown territory for me, while I am so excited for this new journey and the experiences it will bring. I myself know I am not strong enough to embark this journey alone. I have said so many prayers about taking the right steps at the right time, I have been working very hard to remain obedient to god and his plan for my life. Taking on writing a book is part of gods plan for my life. I stopped believing in coincidences a few years ago, because too much has happened in my life where I can see this was god talking to me, showing me the way with tangible signs that I once would call coincidences. What I experienced going into Barnes and Noble on Sunday running into the people I ran into, would be another experience where god is showing me the way. Introducing me to the right people who could help my writing journey. That author Darron was able to give me some insight into publishing company’s, he was even able to give me contacts.

I realize this post may be hard to read for non-believers but like I have said before it’s when you truly let go of your control issues and let god take control of your life not 50% but 100% can you truly experience what it feels like to live free of chains. I always wondered what it was like to hear gods voice and the more I think about it, to hear his voice is not so much “hearing with your ears” but following what he leads you to do. The only way to truly start walking in the life that was meant for you is to work on yourself and learning what it truly means to be obedient to the lord. I could go on and on with things that have helped me walk this walk the last 4 years. Who knows this maybe in future book writings, but I do know I am living testimony that god is not looking for us to be perfect in this life, he is just wanting us to show him signs we are progressing to truly live out his glory.

I hope you all have a happy Monday!! You can comment on my blog, find me on Facebook, message me in messenger, I love hearing from the people who are resonating with my blogs. Most importantly if you think my writings can at all inspire others on your social media share my blog link with them. #Thisismedoinglife #Stayingtruetomywalk

Speak Lord

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