Happiness is a choice…

Hey Guys,

This weeks writing may be delayed as this mom is in full on mom mode. It is hunting season and hubby is gone for 10 days. I have said it before about my hubby and not working since the end of June and he has really stepped up in helping me out in getting our son to school, getting my mom back and forth to various doctors appointments, chores at home and having dinner made most nights (Yes I know he is a freaking saint for doing all this). Since he has been gone though I realize just how much the two of us really compliment one another. I hate to sound like the needy wife but dang do I miss him. It’s crazy when you are truly used to having a partner to do this life with how much you also rely on that person to provide you happiness and motivation to go on daily. I tell my husband everything the good, the bad, I vent, I also tell him the really exciting parts of my day, and also the set backs I experience as well. I enjoy being able to decompress on him when I get home from a crazy day of work or running errands myself.

We all have our flaws and looking back now maybe I do decompress on my man a little too much but here is me being raw, here is me being real! So today when I write I am reminded that I am in control over my own happiness. It’s not other people who I should be relying on daily to give me that motivation or happiness feeling. It’s not my husband who I should allow to decompress all my thoughts, feelings and emotions on. Heck the guy is struggling with his own issues right now. So today as I make sense of happiness being my choice, I am now aware of this feeling and the steps I can take to correct my feelings and emotions and how to make me feel better. I follow a lot of Rachel Hollis, and Brendon Burshard right now and I love how almost in every podcast they touch on truly not worrying about what other people’s opinions of you are. I love this idea! and most days I don’t care! I have heard before it takes more energy out of you to stay mad at someone or mad at a situation and I couldn’t find this more true than I do this week. I am in control though and I refuse to let evil prevail. I refuse to let what other people think of my life choices right now bother me any longer. I am a good person, strong willed, and oh such a dreamer. I think about life on such a bigger scale than most of my peers and I really don’t expect the average person on the street to understand all my hopes and dreams. I am also not going to apologize for my strong willed attitude, for my willingness to change and remain transparent in my work. I will be real with you when you need to hear it.

What I am saying readers, is doing all these things and not holding back what is truly in my heart when it comes to certain topics creates happiness in my life. I decompress most days because too some extent I am allowing other people who I interact with daily, or monthly control my happiness and I need to stop doing that. I need to stop giving people that much power over my mindset, because in the end it prevents me from reaching goals I have set for myself. I encourage you today to think about this idea and who in your life do you allow to control your mindset, who do you allow to control yourself from reaching your full happiness. Pray for change to come about in your life. This is something I am actively working on today for myself and my life. We can do this together. #Thisismedoinglife #Happinessismychoice #Irefusetoletevilprevail #Thisismebeingreal #sorrynotsorry


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