I am a dreamer…

Hey Readers,

So I talk so much in my blogs about overcoming, accepting your past and uncertainties, encouraging others, going outside of your comfort zone, building confidence, facing fears, practice consistency and today I really wanted to speak about charting your goals both in the short term and long term. I am not at all a pro at charting my goals but one thing is certain I am trying, I am learning tools on how I can be better at doing this, setting realistic goals for myself both in the short term and long term.

After reading theories from Rachel Hollis and Brendon Burchard it has become clear to me that really envisioning the goals/dreams you have for yourself truly does work in making what you want come true. Stick with me here… I thought of graduating college since the day I graduated high school. The feeling of accomplishment I felt walking the line, I absolutely knew I wanted to feel again graduating college. I knew I wanted to graduate college but the steps I was missing was what did I want to study in college? What type of degree would I be chasing after? I had the vision of graduating but everything else was not so clear. I tried 3 times to give up the idea of graduating college. But there was always something pushing me, my inner voice saying nope I wasn’t meant to just give up so easy. So all 3 times I would pick myself back up and re-enroll in college classes. It wasn’t an easy road, but once I finally figured out what subject I would be graduating in that helped my vision truly stay at the fore front of my mind. You guys it took me 13 years to get what some people get in 4 years. I completed college under circumstances I would not want to wish upon my greatest enemy. But you guys I did it! I struggled to pay for it, I struggled to make the grades, But y’all I did it!!

So all these podcasts, all my audible books I am diving into all want me to sit back and think about my short term and long term goals. All of them are pushing me to get my goals out on paper. There was a part of me even last week, that said oh I know my goals is it really that important for me to get it out on paper? The answer to this is YES! It is so important, and something I plan to implement for myself today! Now I wont go sharing all my hopes and dreams with you guys as I have to keep some of this suspense to myself. But as I have learned with this blog is my words are touching a lot of lives. Complete strangers have messaged me wanting to know more about me, my life and where I came from.

As I have shared in many job interviews the past few months guys I am not at all a public speaker. I am the one who gets red in face, feels flush when I know I have to speak in front of a panel, but yet I can type away on my little ole blog and spill out all my guts without ever really having to face my fans “Yet”! And you guys the “yet” is what scares me. So one of my goals and one I truly know I can achieve at as long as I can take control of my nerves, is to become a better public speaker. I took college classes on public speaking, and honestly I go in spurts of when I feel most comfortable in front of people and when I don’t. From what I have learned this far, is this is all just a mind game within me. I need to allow my “self talk” voice to really take over my voice of fear in public speaking. I have some ideas on how to better myself in this area and it will involve me putting myself out there, it will involve me taking BIG steps out of my comfort zone. But if I at all want to exceed my long term dream in truly sharing my story with the world, I am willing to take the steps I need to truly make that dream come true in all aspects of my life.

So I ask you today reader are you a dreamer? Write down goals of where you see yourself in months and in years. Let those goals take your mind for a ride, envision all the steps you will truly have to take to attain your goals. What feelings do you get when thinking about your goals like this? Who are the people you surround yourself with to make those goals all possible? What risks are you willing to take to achieve your goals? #Thisismedoinglife #Madeformore

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-There is freedom waiting for you on the breezes of the sky and you ask “What if I fall” Oh but my darling what if you fly? -Erin Hanson

Dare to Dream


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