Practice Consistency…

Hey gang!

I am honestly not sure if the people who read my blog are mostly women, or men? But it doesn’t matter because my writings I feel like can be read and understood no matter your gender, background, beliefs, etc. and I truly do feel like Diversity with my readers is what’s important. Today on my heart has been how I work on practicing consistency. I have thought about this not only with this blog, but also narrowing it down to my daily activity. Monday-Friday it is a given I go to work 8 hours a day. Why because I need to make money and my job is what allows for me do just that. But within that 8 hour day I get to choose working hard, showing up for my co-workers who need from me; my spunk, the right attitude, and mindset to make our day together go as smoothly as possible.

My families I serve also need my energy, my spunk, my wisdom to help them figure out what insurance program would best fit the needs for their families. I really don’t have time to waste on me having “off days”. So lets back track a little bit, over the weekend I was productive in the things I said I would show up for and I did show up in my community service work, but once I got home I struggled with staying productive. My husband and I got caught up in a Netflix series called “The flash” and while I loved every min of watching that series and it was a way my husband and I got some downtime together, what I have also notice is at the start of the week it has been so hard for me to remain creative, to remain motivated, to keep on this path of goal setting because I allowed myself to so call “take a break” over the weekend from my creative outlets. So today after trying to figure out what is wrong with me? And why hasn’t it been so easy for me to find my groove today, it is because I allowed for myself to not be consistent. If you have read some of my previous blogs you know I listen to audible books a lot. I pay attention to recommendations of books people have online, or on a amazon review. If their is such a thing to be addicted to audibles, I sure am. I listen to an audible book every chance I get!

Currently working through the book High Performance Habits, Oh my goodness you guys so much information just in Chapter 1. The author Brendon Burchard has so many good tips. Things I would have never thought of when it comes to the way I am wired, the way I do life, and the way I basically market myself. If you are looking for a game changer for yourself or your business seriously check out Brenden’s podcasts and audible book. With the audible book he talks a lot about taking his HPI Assessment test, and I will admit, tests give me anxiety no matter what type of test it is. I literally freeze or feel like I will answer the question the wrong way. So taking a High Performance Habits test did not sound fun to me, but I buckled down and completed it. Oh man you guys it breaks down your scores into 6 High Performance Habit scores such as; Clarity, Energy, Necessity, Productivity, Influence and Courage. Can you guess where it showed my area that needed improvement? Necessity was it for me. In my results it says “Low levels of necessity makes it hard to turn off Netflix and get stuff done.” You guys I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. Here all weekend like I explained I binged watched Netflix and now days later I am having a hard time regaining my focus on my goals and things I set for myself to achieve.

What I am getting at friends is consistency is key, I am not wired to have “one off day” when it comes to my goal settings. And while “off days” are inevitable I now know, those days however many I may have in a month may lead to set backs with the ultimate goals I have set for myself. So today and everyday here on out I will practice consistency, and know just how important it is for me and my personal development. I encourage you friends to take the time to learn more about yourself. Take the time to truly find what makes you tick. I know I sound like a broken record but seriously the breakthroughs you discover about yourself will help you reach your goals faster, and in turn have you living out the best version of yourself. #Madeformore #Thisismedoinglife


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