Practice what you preach…

Hey my awesome blog readers! Today has been an amazing day! It is still surreal to me that when you change your mindset how the world around you changes, even the people who you interact with daily also change. Having the right mindset can be such a powerful tool. Even on the days I am not convinced the day will go my way or I can feel Satan knocking on my door, I take a deep breath meditate and really focus on changing my mindset. Sometimes this exercise for me only has to happen a few times throughout the day, other days focusing on my mindset needs to happen every hour for my sanity. But what I am seeing in myself is change like nothing I have ever experienced and I want this experience for all my readers as well. 

 We have all heard the saying practice what you preach right!?! It is usually those things that we preach about is what takes the MOST practice too. I warned you before I listen to a lot of Rachel Hollis right now but honestly guys her words are gold (ok not literally) but her words are definitely good. True wisdom I need to hear. But she said something today in her podcast that helped me and in really thinking about it can help out a lot of people who struggle with anxiety and depression. She said “It is impossible to be grateful and anxious at the same time. You can’t live in a moment of gratitude and anxiety at the same time.” I resonate with this saying so so much. Coming from a family who suffers a lot from mental health issues ranging from Trauma, PTSD, depression and anxiety I realize the risk for myself and why it is so important for me to know and learn the signs of when to ask for help. Listen to my body on when it’s appropriate for me to take a “timeout” or all in all remove myself from a situation entirely. I refuse to allow my mental health to be put into over drive, as I have watched too many loved ones suffer far too much from not tackling the root of the problem to begin with. So as I move forward in this journey called life my goal for myself is to live with intention, and when doing so really put into practice all that I preach. Meaning when I say “yes I will pray for you” I want my friends and family to know that I am truly praying for them. When I say “be slow to anger” I myself in my times of rage or fear, I will remind myself why being slow to anger is so important. I want to live my life being honorable and truly practicing what I preach. In my faith, with my finances, just all in all my day to day tasks. 

 So readers if you can at all relate to my words today I encourage you to think about what you preach to the world? Are you living out your words? Are you choosing to be the best version of you? What areas can you practice a little bit harder? Trust me I know these are hard questions to ask yourself, I am asking them too. But please just know and believe we are never doing the hard stuff alone! #Thisismedoinglife #Embracethejourney

Practice what you preach

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