So Many Distractions…

Hey guys!

Oh man has my day has truly been filled with distraction after distraction. It started with work I was seriously pulled in so many directions today, putting out fires left and right. Then came home to the same pattern as the rest of my day had been. My son (God love him) was playing with the neighbor girl and ended up smacking his head on my nightstand so hubby and I have been on alert the last few hours hoping that the gash in his head would stop bleeding, otherwise it was going to be an ER visit.


I wanted to start writing on my blog after dinner but getting the house picked up and dinner cleaned up and the kids both in order has deemed rather hard today. It’s all in all been a good day, I wouldn’t call it crappy but oh so many distractions. Can anyone else relate? On days when I feel most distracted I have to remind myself on the things that keep me most calm such as writing, listening to music, and saying to myself repeatedly don’t quit! Cause I know one thing I am not is a quitter. Even tonight as I flipped through my journal I have wrote about this exact feeling before, these exact distractions. So how do we end such a chaotic day? How do we as moms, wives, ourselves not get so completely caught up in the distractions and take them to bed with us? My answer is exactly what I am doing now decompressing, take some alone time, however long it takes for you to do some self talk. For you to center yourself back to the positive, focus on a goal, Brain storm, just get those nasty thoughts on paper, in a drawing somewhere just so they are now out of your mind.


By the time I made it to my computer tonight the kids were at least in their pjs and no longer horse playing but I did tell them both 30 mins before bedtime and for me I sat my butt down and started writing. As a parent you start to get nervous when the kids are quiet for too long. I didn’t hear a peep, so like any mom does I get up (distracted again) and wouldn’t you know the kids put themselves to bed! Moments like this make me realize the kids can 100% feel my moods. The kids know when enough is truly enough and all it took was for me to just take myself out of the chaos for 10 mins before my household as I knew it would finally rest! My body as I know it would finally ease up and take a breather. Don’t get me wrong readers I love this life I live, I truly do! Call me crazy because most days I even can appreciate all the chaos it brings. But given all the highs and lows I have been experiencing the past week and half, I feel like when I start feeling so distracted is also my body’s way in telling me to slow down.


You will always have a chapter to read, a podcast to catch up on, a bible study to complete. A personal development goal to reach. So tonight as I get ready for bed I refuse to take my entire days worth of distractions to bed with me. I refuse to let what I experienced today mess up how my day will start tomorrow and I encourage my readers to take that time to decompress tonight. You owe it to yourself and those around you to put those burdens to rest. #Thisismedoinglife #momlife #bloggeratheart

My Babies

 Thank you all so much for the continued support, and encouraging words daily, I have been working hard at responding to every Facebook message, Facebook request, or even messages on messenger. There are going to be some BIG announcements coming to my blog, and my writings before the end of the year and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Keep reading and sharing with your friends if you find my writings inspiring in anyway. You can always share my links as well on social media, because you never know when one of your friends also need to be encouraged. Love you guys!!


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