Stepping out of your comfort zone…

Good Freaking Morning!!!

I don’t know about you guys but I am thrilled it is Friday!!! Most of us (Here in the United States) will have a long 3 day weekend, and that is always something to get excited about. Although I have a busy weekend ahead of me I couldn’t be more grateful. Grateful I will get an opportunity to volunteer with My Hospital at the Taste of Colorado, Grateful I will get to spend time in the children’s ministry on Sunday with some of our churches toddler babies. Facebook was quick to remind me the morning I haven’t always been so grateful. I haven’t always been living out the best version of myself. It took me courage to finally wake up and step out of my comfort zone. Which leads me to today’s writings.

Looking back my old self was so Naive!! I know I say that word a lot!! But seriously gang I was!! I can remember being a senior in high school and thinking man I have the world at my finger tips. I am going to graduate high school, go to college, finish my degree in 4 years, find an amazing husband, get our house with the white picket fence, have lots of babies (that I could afford), Find one job that I would turn into my career, do it well and have an amazing retirement come at me when I’m 70. That was going to be my life! That was going to be my happy ending! Reality check that is not at all where my life was heading. When I was a senior in high school, my home life was falling a part. My mom was fighting breast cancer, was having multiple surgeries that would save her life, my parents were going through a nasty separation that lead to a divorce. My brother was going through an identity crisis (He desperately longed to know who he was and where he came from), I was accepted to go to CU Boulder here in Colorado and live in the dorms on scholarships and student loans. My boyfriend at the time SCARY to say the least.

My life was not at all going how I pictured it should. My Freshman year of college didn’t get any better, ask my mom I was impossible to get up for school in high school (My old self hated mornings), and now that I was in college with no parental control I struggled everyday to get up in the mornings for class, and I quickly learned my professors didn’t care if I showed up to class then why should I care. I barely got through my first year as a college student, I’m sure I received a few “F’s” in that time as well. But stepping out of my comfort zone just was non existent for me. I was just doing the day to day that I thought every college student did at that time. I lived this was a long time and not happily. But I followed this trend through my 20’s. Fast forward now to 5 years ago, I was a new mom. My niece was officially adopted and in our family to stay and identity crisis hit me like nothing I had ever experienced before. I grew up in the church life (Thank you MOM), but I never took it seriously in my teens or in my early 20’s. But something for weeks tugged at my heart and said I needed desperately to find a church one I could take the kids with me to. My neighbor and dearest friend week after week would tell me “you can come try out my church” she encouraged me in a way that I wouldn’t be doing this alone. She would sit with me. This is when I can remember my first true encounter in stepping out of my comfort zone and showing up. I literally took going to church one Sunday at a time, and gang from the first Sunday I attended to probably 2 months later, I cried every service! Not because I was sad for being in church but because I felt something, I was able to resonate with my Pastor immediately! The noticeable changes didn’t start with me though, I saw the changes start to happen in the kids first. My son would go around the house singing “Yes Jesus loves me”, my son would pray, and Gracie our dear Gracie who from a baby struggled with her drug baby side effects, with her temper, mood swings and even she was all around doing better. Behaving better with us and my parents, she was making friends at her little preschool, getting out of her shell and I loved seeing that from these kids. That was enough to keep me at my church and going Sunday after Sunday.

Fast forward now to a year ago, I was asked to be in a wedding, my dear friends wedding. A girl I have known since grade school. She sent me a cute package in the mail, asking me to be her bridesmaid. I had never been a bridesmaid before and I was in no shape to go try on bridesmaid dresses. Remember I was the girl who has struggled with gaining and losing weight since I got out of high school. But that reasoning alone I could not tell her “no”. I truly wanted to be in her wedding, and I was going to do whatever it took me to look good in whatever dress she wanted me in. So August of 2017 I stepped out of my comfort zone again and joined a gym (Shout out to my trainer and my HIITBOX family, you guys have changed my life! I will forever thank you for that!) I actually talked to my Trainer, told him my goals, my fears, and while it was him and one other gal at the time they worked my butt off. Besides giving birth I have never felt like I wanted to die but when I was in their classes, oh girl bring it!! LOL!!

Fast forward to today, cause I realize my life story is rather long and I am truly working hard at sticking to my point. I have been doing so much self work. Like to the point where I couldn’t hide it if I tried ha ha. But gang I encourage you to really look at things that get you out of your comfort zone. We grow the most when were not comfortable with our surroundings, we grow the most when we laugh at ourselves even just a little bit. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations, things you thought you would never do because you didn’t think you fit the mold. By doing this is showing yourself just how truly Brave you can be, and you my reader have it in you to be Brave and do great things! #Nottodaysatan #Thisismedoinglife


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