The Struggle is real…

Man oh Man!! It is really Thursday!! Anyone else feel like their week is not going according to plan? As much planning as my husband and I have planned this past month, literally one phone call changed our entire outlook on the start of Fall.  Let me explain, my husband who is probably one of the hardest working people I know quit his job back in June 2018, this was the best decision for himself and our family. The job, yes did provide our family financial security but the feeling my husband felt constantly going into work, feeling empty and never caught up at work was draining on him. It has been 3 months now and while he has tried a few jobs in between that did not last long, he’s struggling to find what truly makes him happy. He has been in HVAC for 20 years and is considering an entire career change for himself.  My husband then reached out to a long standing customer who needed a warehouse manager, they did a pee test, they talked about pay and a start date. It was arranged he would start October 1st. Then the phone call came on Tuesday “sorry dude now is not the time to bring on any more help.” Wait what!! We had a plan! Actually my husband was excited to finally be starting something in a new field other than HVAC. 

Which leads me to today’s writings. How many times have you had a plan and it not work out? How many times have you asked god for direction when it came to your new plan? From my 32 years of life here on earth there has been countless times where I planned something out for myself, where that plan only included “me” and my best interests. Not necessarily asking god and what his true plans for my life were. My husband who’s doubts himself more than I would like to witness was pissed by the phone call and if I’m being honest I was completely shocked by the news as well. This customer worked for months to catch my husbands attention in getting him to come down to the shop and complete an application, now he had him hired with a start date of October 1st and your telling him never mind?? So I sat confused by the news. Then during workout it hit me, this job was not working out because it was something my husband was trying to control and maybe “just maybe” god was no where in site with that plan, so that is why it needed to fall through. God knows our “needs” our longing wants and desires, even before we do. God knew my family needed these last 3 months together. God knew I needed to get my husband back to ground zero. God knew a little boy needed to learn about his dad in a way he never would have experienced before, with my husband working. God has seen first hand all of our progress we as a family have made over the last 3 months and god knew this job for my husband was not going to help him grow in the areas he has seen my husband needing to grow. Now for me to go and explain this to my not so much god loving husband. I am not at all saying my husband is not a believer, he is just not quite on my level in truly believing in the power of god. I think he wants to believe but what person doesn’t have questions about the creator of heaven and earth. What person can fully wrap their minds about the love god holds for all of us. For a newbie believer and as an adult those thoughts alone are almighty and powerful. Enough to bring a person to their knees to cry in awe of all the lords power. I know it has done this to me a few times. 

So I encourage my readers today when your making your lists of plans, think about who those plans serve? Do they serve a bigger purpose and have you living out your best life? Or are the plans selfishly planned to help out you and only you. Remember god knows our needs even before we do and while it’s hard not to question him and his reasoning, he will never let us down when we chose to give it all to god. #Thisismedoinglife #Fearisaliar

Struggle is real

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