This season is Temporary…

Good Evening friends,

I have literally been go, go, go since I got up the morning and I am still working on me actually waking up to my alarm two hours before I really need. I am learning more and more everyday on why this is so necessary for me, my family and how our actual day will go. My 5 year old son does so much better on the days I am in control. He fights less with my husband on getting dressed, and eating breakfast before school. Things just seem to go so much smoother in our house in the morning when I am in control and have done my morning to do list before my 5 year old gets up.

Today I wanted to remind my readers of something that I needed to be reminded of myself. The current season your in either that be job loss, loss of a family member, sickness, good times, hard times, this season is temporary my friends. It truly is! I can relate to this in my own life right now, because their was a time I felt like I had no help. I felt like I did everything for family and to some extent I did. My husband while working his old job that demanded a lot of his time, he needed to be to work much earlier than me so the responsibility fell on me to get our son back and forth to the sitters daily. My mom and step dad (Who I love dearly) required a lot of my time and energy as well to keep their household afloat with groceries, medications, Dr Appts, etc. and while in that time I felt absolutely overwhelmed by all my responsibilities. I also never once sat back and did the self talk to myself. I never once told myself this will be ok, this two shall pass. Instead I let my anger, my feelings bottle up and I would take out my rage on the ones I love the most. Yes readers I too can have an attitude and anger issues.

I think back on my life and what has lead me to my new attitude, my new ways of thinking, and my new approach about how to get through difficult seasons and while my faith plays a part in this, I need to give myself credit. I have for the last 4 years felt a need for something more. I started a self work journey within myself that I honestly didn’t expect anyone to understand. College was a goal for me that was set oh so many years ago, and while I would vision year after year of me walking down the aisle and receiving my diploma, year after year my dream was pushed back. If you have read any of my past blogs you have read that these past two years health wise has not been good for our family, and while they had not been good “this girl” was also finishing out what would be my last two years of college. I had to borrow money for tuition, pay complete strangers to come tutor me in my accounting classes, stay up night after night writing lengthy papers just to earn a grade. Many nights during this season of hard times I was doing homework from my moms hospital room or a waiting room. But I did it!! I completed college through such a tough season! There were many happy tears guys when I received that final grade.

What I am saying readers is if you truly have a dream, and are willing to do whatever it takes to make your ream a reality it will come true. My dream to finish college was not please my parents, my dream to finish college was not for anyone else but myself. And while I have my own testimonies to how god showed up for me in such a tough season, no one would believe it even if I shared it. You reader you have a dream, you have a vision of where you see yourself and how you will get there one day. I am all about personal development podcasts, lucky for you none of you reading this is my husband who has to hear everyday “babe I listened to this podcast and amazing you really need to listen for yourself.” Poor guy he has been bombarded with so much personal development quotes, tips and tricks. But I’m serious friends people are watching, people around you are taught by your actions and not necessarily by your words.-Tony Robbins. I love this idea! I love the idea complete strangers message me, and want to get to know me, be added to my Facebook page because they truly want to see what I am about.  I think this is awesome. So that girl who I told you about who always felt alone, like I was doing this life entirely on her own, she doesn’t feel that way anymore. She has learned to ask for help! She has learned who her village is! She has learned that dang it, it’s just a season and this to shall pass.

So I encourage you to find me on social media, if your liking where this blog is going share with your friends. Remember I am just another human being typing behind your computer screen. Who is embracing where this season is truly taking me. #Thisismedoinglife

Season is Temp

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