We all need someone…

I know it’s late my friends but I did feel obligated to get on the computer tonight just to write. As I asked for so many prayers in my Friday night blog and I wanted to write an update on where everything stands. My news on Friday was hard to hear, hard to truly feel all the emotions, and had I let it get the best of me it could have easily ruined my weekend. But I let my tears out as they needed to come, I talked about what my Monday appointment would bring with some of our closest friends. It was great to have people open up to me about their experiences with mammograms, and ultrasounds. Some of my friends I couldn’t believe had walked through a similar health scare and did so in silence at the time.

I went to my appointment today, prepared the best way I knew how to be for the unknown. Got my boobs smashed in a machine (literally), then got poked on some more by an ultrasound machine. Laid on the table covered in white blankets, waiting for a doctor to come in and tell me my news. Turns out Test #1 I am going to be ok. It was not cancer but indeed I have a cyst, too small for them to operate on. I will need routine mammograms to watch it, but today I was in the clear at least in that area. As I said on my last blog, I have another mass on my right side by my ribs that I will have an ultrasound on this Friday to determine what that could be. But as I share my “good news” today I also did not want this writing to be entirely me saying I am gods blessing look at me. Because I am sure there were women at the same clinic I was not getting such great news. I am sure my good news day, turned into someone’s bad news day. Someone exactly like me who may wear so many hats like I wear everyday getting bad news.

But that’s the thing about Cancer, we can’t run from it, we can’t hide from it, we can try to prevent it with various tests. But Ultimately what will be, will be if we agree with the diagnosis or not. In thinking about how I spent my weekend really trying to not focus so much on the things I could not change, and instead hanging out with my boys, and with our friends. The amount of people who called me, text me, prayed for me, and just really reached out and letting it be known no matter what the outcome was going to be, I never once should feel like I would go through any of news or doubts alone. Which leads me to my writings tonight, we all need “a someone”. Maybe for you that someone can be the same person through all seasons of your life. Maybe for you that someone has to be different in good times, then in hard times. Whatever the case may be for you it’s so important to make sure and connect with those around you.

I’ll admit it’s hard to put myself out there, to meet new women, new couples, new friends. But were seriously doing ourselves a dis-service when we remain isolated within limitations we set for ourselves. It’s hard not to feel judged by new friends, it’s hard for us to open up to strangers (Let’s face we live in a time when our neighbor could be the next serial killer). I know there was a time when I watched too many crime shows and really thought every new person I met had an agenda, and it wasn’t a nice one. LOL! But really guys it is so important, you make yourself available to new people, and to new experiences. You will never know when their talents mesh with yours, or how they can help you in your time of need.

I thanked so many people today for their continued prayers, and good vibes not only on my social media pages, but on the phone, over text message, and in person. So many people reached out to me and my family to make sure we are going to be ok and I was truly humbled so many loved ones care for us this much! So I encourage my readers today to reach out to your local church group, moms group, Zumba class, what ever it is where you can meet new people, and here their testimonies. We are all meant to have someone. #Iamgoingtobeok #Thisismedoinglife

We all need someone

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