Were Good at making excuses…

Hey everyone,

It seems to be my thing lately writing to you guys late at night, but truth is this past week I have really been digging into reaching some of my long term goals. I have been doing a ton of research in what it takes for me to become a successful book writer and speaker. I have wanted to do this for sometime and have been told from countless people why don’t you write a book. Or why don’t you start a women’s support group. Trust me, it’s something my mom and I have discussed before, book writing but the task at hand seems so daunting. So this week I have really set to challenge myself goal #1 do the research, how many pages does such book need to be, word count, etc. What will my book be about? Will there be enough of an interest in my writings? So much energy has truly been going into how do I make this happen for myself? Is this even an attainable goal while juggling everything else I have going on in life right now? Then questions about public speaking, I am not cut out to share my story, I will speak too softly, talk to long, talk to short… On and on with questions. But the more I have been talking about it, researching about it, the answer is yes I have proven to myself already some of these exact questions.

I started online blogging back in August and although this was not at all started to keep track of numbers and the amount of people reading my blog, this blog my writings have been viewed over 2400 times by people all over the world. It’s barely been a month guys! So my words are resonating with people, their is enough curiosity in my writings and I love all the feedback I have been receiving from complete strangers and even the people who know me best. I have also proven to myself I can do anything I set my mind to. Charting my goals and having a visual reminder of what it is I am trying to do will only enhance what I know to be true already and that is I can achieve anything that I add to my plate with gods help. This is the girl who would not give up her dream of a college education and finally walked that walk and received her diploma after being a 13 year college student. What I am getting at readers is we are all so great at making excuses to ourselves, me included. All week here I was trying to talk myself out of a long term goal all because now out of all days I choose to start making excuses for myself. Nope not today satan.

I am excited for this new journey! It was a blessing in disguise in all my researching about being a successful writer and speaker that it even brought to light about enhancing and making substantial changes to my blog here in the near future not only to protect myself, but to make this more interactive and be more transparent in my work. So tonight if you catch yourself being the one making excuses for yourself and your goals. I encourage you to silence the self doubt, talk to those closest to you and get their feedback. I assure you we are our own worst critics and you have every right to go chase your dreams, no matter what those dreams are. As I heard multiple times this week the skies the limit, and I truly believe this to be true. Stop making excuses! The best is yet to come and I promise readers your not going to want to miss this journey with me. Love you all! Time for bed! #Thisismedoinglife #Futuresucessfulbookwriter #livingoutmydreams



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