Who you do life with matters…

Oh my goodness you guys to know I have had close to 1000 people read my writings this last week is incredible! Who knew! Who knew my words would impact people this much! I’m humbled truly humbled!

I am currently hurting a lot from my workout on Thursday night and while the pain didn’t start hitting me till I was at work yesterday, when muscle soreness sets in for me man does it set in with a vengeance! My husband who for the most part will cheer me on when it comes to exercise, does not understand why a person would want to work out so hard and push their body so much to be sore that it literally hurts to squat and pee. But for me I have been able to consistently work out for 1 year and while I have experienced soreness like this early on in my training, I now can look back at myself and see what results I have achieved because I am willing to push my body. I am willing to hurt, almost puke during workout because I know in my mind what I am trying to achieve. Which brings me to my morning mindset who you do life with matters. My husband and I are complete opposites. He loves the outdoors and being in freezing cold weather. I like the outdoors when all my conditions are met. My husband doesn’t mind his laundry all colors, clothes, towels washed together. I like my laundry done with my colors, clothes and towels all washed separately. My husband is very much an introvert when it comes to meeting new people and hanging out in crowds. I on the other hand am a social butterfly, I love to share my excitement, and experiences to anyone who will listen to me. I have been told before I could make a rock talk back (LOL, I know mean right!) But our relationship works, and if I’m bragging we thrive because we are so different and the two of us can bring to light what the other one can’t. I love my husband for all his wisdom with the outdoors, for his quick and sometimes rude comebacks to a joke. I love him because most of all he is loyal and loves me and our son with his whole heart. He truly loves me with all my baggage and in all my chaos.

Think about it… Can you feel the love from your spouse or significant other? I am not writing today’s blog to merely say look at me and my relationship cause we are just so perfect. Because in reality nothing’s perfect right? We as a couple have our downfalls too. We struggle with parenting our son together, we struggle with managing finances together, we struggle with (yes I’m going to say it) but our faith together as well. What I am merely writing my blog for today is to start the conversation, to get you the reader thinking about the people who you choose to do life with. Do they support you? Do they challenge you? Do they make you want to be a better version of yourself? I can think of so many people in my life besides my husband that I think about this idea and these exact questions. This life we live you guys was not intended to be lived alone, as life itself is not done in isolation.

I encourage you today to think about who you surround yourself with day in and day out, are they people who have stuck with you in the trenches, or are they people who have their own agenda. Will the people in your life cause divisions or will they create unity? Within my last 5 weeks, and really working through scripture. It fascinates me to no end that the bible, that big ole book was stories, testimonies all written by a bunch of sinners. A group of people like you and I to share the word of God. What I am getting at is none of us are perfect, and since we are not perfect we cannot expect the people we do life with to be perfect either. God picks us up in our junk no matter what that looks like. #Thisismedoinglife

Who you do life with matters

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