Why is self care so hard…

Oh my goodness you guys! Can I just start out by saying thank you, seriously thank you so much for all the messages, all the phone calls, social media Blessings, well wishes! Not only from my immediate family and friends but even people who follow my blog have e-mailed me, messaged me on Facebook and I am so grateful! As I said in my blog last night I am truly ok! I got some good news yesterday from my mammogram, and ultrasound. I do go for another test Friday evening to see what the mass is on my right side, so I will keep you all posted. Please reach out to me as well if you need a prayer for yourself or your family, I would love to pray for you and I mean that!

So since my Monday was just so darn busy I spent today catching up on all my podcasts, did some more of my audible on High Performance Habits, which by the way if you are looking for an amazing read this book will give it to you. The book is free on The Brendon Show podcast, which if you have an apple phone the podcast app is already pre set and you search for the show, you’ll want and scroll down a bit and you will see his entire book broken down in his podcast. Seriously I get no kick back from sharing this info with you, it’s just been an amazing read! Anyways one familiar tone kept resonating with me in all the podcasts I listened to today; Self Care, Self Care, Self Care. Now I will admit, I have slowed down on staying consistent with going to my gym. One cause my body just hurts (health wise), and two cause hubby has been unemployed and having him home at night time, at a decent time, and just spending time with my boys has been amazing for our family. My hubby worked a lot at his old job, usually up before the rest of the house, and home when my son and I were already in bed. But not anymore! We have had some good quality time together for the last 3 months. It was much needed time together.

As I am doing all this work on myself with personal development, I truly realize self care is so much more than me making it to the gym. It’s also night outs, or lunch dates with my girl friends, date nights with my husband, park dates with my son. Self care is so important, and we should be taking every opportunity to make our bodies stronger, feed it better foods, everyday. In one of the podcasts I heard today the guy talked about Steve Jobs and what he wrote from his death bed. I had heard it before but maybe because of my health scare this week it seemed to resonate with me more today. Steve jobs was a billionaire, he made it big with the company Apple. Steve jobs was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer and died at the age of 56 years old. On his death bed it was said he talked about his life and everything in it, and no amount of money, or the “stuff” he had would save him. Death is something all of us will have in common.

I write this because when thinking about self care often times doing things that involve self care seem selfish, and loved ones may even be the first people to tell us that. But in the Big picture your house chores ladies and gentleman can wait, going to the store to buy the new and improved “Big” screen TV that’s just stuff you guys and that can wait too. What we do get to take with us is all the memories we made sharing our time with loved ones. Working hard to keep our bodies moving daily so we make the most out of our time on this earth. What we do get to leave behind in this life if we do it correctly is to leave our legacy, leave our mark on people’s hearts. It’s the stories our friends, family or maybe in your case the world will get to tell on how you left a mark on them, when you are no longer here to tell your story yourself. Which gets me to my question why is self care so hard to accomplish? Self care like many other things in life when practiced consistently turns into a lifestyle, but to get there takes a lot of self motivation, and dedication. I also think different seasons in life also play into this, as I can remember being in my late 20’s and really focusing on losing the freshman 15 I had gained in college. Then I met my now husband and just got too comfortable and myself was consumed and wrapped up in a man. Then before I knew it, years passed and now I had a husband and a new born baby and I was good at being fully consumed with them.

I’m just saying self care tends to be the thing that gets pushed to side far too often, so our job is to recognize when it’s happening and make a conscious effort to bring it back to life when we sense were no longer working that hard on it. Studies do show people who are more active tend to live out more happier lives than people who are not active. Studies show working out even for 30 mins a day can add years onto your life. So this week even through the pain friends lets get ourselves and our bodies moving! I know I did tonight and while I may regret doing weighted burpees the day after my mammogram (yikes), I am so glad that I just showed up tonight. I wasn’t in the mood, I was more comfortable on the couch before I went to the gym. But I made a choice today that self care was important to me and my workout would probably allow my mind and body to sleep that much better tonight. Goodnight Friends!!! #Thisismedoinglife #Mywords #Mythoughts #Madeformore

Self Care

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