You are not going to please everyone…

Hey Friends, 

Wow can you believe it I have been at this blog business for one month now. It’s still crazy to me how many people visit my blog site daily. I would have never thought my words, my thoughts would have such an impact on others. But I can’t take all the credit, gods got me in this as well. Lots of things have been on my mind and my heart today, so much that I made it a point tonight even though my son was so freaking tired from being up at 6am so we could catch a school bus, but I had to get a good work out in to decompress and de stress from all of today’s activities. After workout tonight though it hit me! I am only one person, I am only in control of my emotions, no one else’s. I am not this powerful being that has control over others and how they feel about me. Either that be good or bad feelings. If others are frustrated with me or just in life cannot resonate with me than so be it, how they express themselves is completely up to them. But I am no longer holding myself responsible to please everyone. 

Have you ever wondered why people may not resonate with you? Maybe to some extent they are jealous of the life you live. Maybe they want the same relationships with people that you are able to generate? Whatever the reason, it seems to me the people who we tend not to resonate with is the ones we tip toe around the most. I am learning this first hand. Forever I have called myself the “do-er” meaning I get shit done when it needs to be done. I can’t stand it when people beat around the bush, we will get more accomplished if you are straight with me in your expectations. Because I am a “do-er” I also tend to be more productive in my day to day activities. As I had said before, I consider myself a master of juggling 101 things on my to do list in a days work. In saying this I also know when it’s appropriate to ask others for help. I’m not shy in that regard. But personally when I feel burned, used or not appreciated for things I go out of my way to do for people, I can walk away and take it as lesson learned for myself and go on with life. I won’t soak in all the what if’s and how can I fix this relationship. Because if I am being honest we don’t grow as individuals constantly living in the past and guys as I strive to be a better me than I was yesterday, this is only going to happen 100% if I also learn and realize that I in this life am not going to please everyone and their so called “expectations” they have set for me. 

So tonight as I write this post I want my readers to think about the people you interact with daily, do you catch yourself also striving to “please” everyone? Do you have people you tip toe around because god forbid you make them mad because you didn’t do things their way? I challenge you to really think about how and who you do life with, it is entirely ok to agree to disagree with someone. Wives don’t we do this with our husbands a lot!! So why do we pressure ourselves into thinking this just can’t be done with others we may interact with daily? We are all human! We all have different wants and needs, but you my friend are not that powerful. I am not that powerful to be able to control someone else’s emotions, that’s all on them in how they respond. So tomorrow go out into the world and kill those stubborn people with kindness. don’t let their actions and responses distract you from the personal goals you set for yourself to reach. We are bigger people than that. #Thisismedoinglife #Itneededtobesaid #Agreetodisagree

Please everyone

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