Your Actions Speak Louder than words…

Hey Everyone! 

I don’t know about you all (since my husband hates the word y’all!) LOL! Sorry honey had to write it! But today has been an overly Peaceful day. I personally am not feeling too stressed out in any areas of my life today which feels amazing. As I said in my blog before I tend to dread Thursday’s as that is pay day for our family, I know I said pay day but that is also “bill day”. So to prepare for Thursday this week I went ahead and scheduled phone payments today to all the peeps that need to get paid, which will help me to not dread tomorrow so much. Can anyone resonate with me on this? Also today as I was caught up in my Mother’s crushers podcast (Seriously guys they will make you laugh), it occurred to me that almost every woman I know, personally or moms I follow on social media has fought with their husbands in the last 7 days. Me included in this. Read my blog from a few days ago 😃 but even more funny is what the husbands all have been doing to make their wives feel better, to give us an apology because to some extent they know that’s what we need to hear.

Hearing this caused me to write about the fact that marriage is hard, relationships in general are hard. There are going to be good days and hopefully the good days all outweigh our bad days with our spouse or significant others. But thanks to movies and the media showing us marriage should be blissful in the sense of waking up everyday happy, in love with breakfast in bed is just not the true image most of us get to experience day after day. In my household this month it is hunting season, it comes the same time every year where my husband and all his hunting buddies get together and go hunting weeks at a time. No ladies are usually invited in this, I know as a wife I don’t want to be around all the “Man” talk, so every year this time I take on ALL the household duties laundry, cleaning, running my son around, still maintain our full time schedule without my spouses help. I can remember the first year my son was here and although he was born in March and hunting does not start until the end of August, I remember feeling resentment towards my husband. Why does his life not have to change and I am stuck home with a baby? Why does he not have to make sacrifices and here I am making all of them.

Luckily my attitude did not last long with this way of thinking, luckily I have an amazing mother n law who has always been able to talk me out of my rationale way of thinking. Soon those awful thoughts I had about my husband leaving me with my baby, would be overcome by one day my son will be old enough to go with his dad, grandpa and uncles hunting. One day my son would pick dad to hang out with instead of boring ole mom. My son is now 5 and you guys those days are coming closer, and while I dread my husband being gone days at a time soon I will also have my husband and my son gone days at a time. But before my husband leaves he always leaves me hidden gems, notes in my purse, in the shower, by the toilet. Sweet nothings, that to me mean everything for while he is away. But my son sees these and just last night my son asked me “Mom why does dad leave you little notes before he leaves for hunting?” My answer was son it’s your dads way of showing me he loves me while he is away. I told him buddy he leaves them for you too.

What I am trying to get at readers is relationships are messy, and the grass is not always greener on the other side. Coming from someone who has many failed relationships under her belt, I want us to never lose sight of why we committed to these relationships in the first place. I know now that I have little eyes watching my every move in how I treat people, in how I treat his dad and it’s important to me to show him not only all the good days we have but also explain to him and not hide from him the hard days we have as a family too. It does my son an injustice to make him believe life will always been fun and easy, as the older he gets we all know that is far from the truth. So today readers look at the relationships you hold with loved ones, your spouse, what season are you in with everyone? What messages are you sending to your kids about how life works? Define in your family what matters most? #Thisismedoinglife #Madeformore


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