Fear of Rejection…

Hey Everyone, 

Happy Monday!!! I had all good intentions of writing on my new blog site over the weekend but those thoughts quickly got away from me and before I knew it what do you know it’s Monday Morning. At the end of last week I really worked hard on the fear of rejection and what does that look like for me? I honestly wasn’t even convinced I had rejection issues as I am usually a pretty confident human being when it comes to tasks I sign myself up for. Then it hit me the things I usually sign up for are things I am comfortable in doing, like helping Urijah’s Kindergarten class plan a Halloween party or signing up to help at the church in our children’s ministry. I sign up for things that I know I can be used and be helpful. Writing a book however has brought fear of rejection to a whole new level for me.

I have rejection issues, like most it’s not something I openly talk about cause in all reality who wants to be in conversation with someone who is having a pity party on themselves. But I feel like this topic is important and one that needs to be addressed, because we only get stronger as individuals when we choose to take risks and when we recognize in our lives what it is that we need to fix. For me fear of rejection starts because I never feel qualified enough to talk, even if it is a subject I have spent a lot of time researching I am always the one second guessing myself. I never want to get my facts wrong, or do I want to write about a subject where people have no interest in reading. By my thoughts being what they are, this at times will hold me back. What I am explaining guys is also happening to me in real time when it comes to me writing my first book. I have 22 pages of words already put together and do you think I can hit the send button to the publisher so she can start piecing together my work? No, I have found that sending the first e-mail with my personal story all out in the open as a huge and daunting task. Not because it is not written but because what will people think…

What I do know is I am very much aware of what I am doing and I will over come my fear of rejection. I am writing a book through my trials even if my story is still not finished. Thank you to Rachel Hollis for these words on repeat in my mind “other’s people opinions of me is none of my business.” I’m not saying my publisher is going to hate every word in my story, but what if my story is not worthy enough? What if the publisher loves my work but my readers are the ones who will judge my life story too harshly? Again the Rachel Hollis in me goes back to these words “I will not please everyone with my work, and that’s ok.” See readers my fear of rejection is very real! I struggle with my thoughts just like most of you do. But in my struggle I refuse to give up or let my fears win. I refuse to give up on my dreams. Even if my book helps one person then that’s a win in my book. 

My prayer for all of us this week is to give ourselves some grace when it comes to tackling the unknown. Our fears are not our burdens, give them to the lord. I also encourage you to write down what your fears of rejection are? Maybe you have one fear or maybe your like me and have multiple fears. Success is sitting at the top of a whole bunch of failed attempts. Have a happy Monday everyone. If my writings inspire you feel free to share my link on social media, or text my link to a friend who you think may benefit from my words.  #Thisismedoinglife #Officallywritingmyfirstbook #Iamnolongeraslavetofear


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