Struggling and Thriving with mindset…

Hey everyone!! We need to congratulate ourselves we made it to Wednesday!! It’s been an exciting week for me, if you have read some of my past posts you already know I am on a book writing journey. Even before I got in touch with my publisher I started the challenge of writing my first book to see if this dream was even do able with my busy schedule. To my surprise I was able to write, I was able to come up with over 10,000 words like it was nothing. My publisher who during our time on the phone really encouraged me to write, she was very supportive in my book idea and my thought process. After our talk two weeks ago I was asked to send her what I had so far. At first I was so excited and when I got off of work that day I was going to go home and send my work, well wouldn’t you know my thoughts would get the best of me. I would let the negative self talk destroy my mindset and I didn’t send my work to her.

I wasn’t giving up on the idea of book writing though I just needed to focus harder on boosting my mindset. It wasn’t until I was listening to a podcast did I hear Brenden Bushard tell me to share my excitement with everyone else around me. Tell everyone who is willing to listen. By me doing this would give me some accountability, would hold me true to goals and deadlines I set for myself. So I took his advice and started doing just that. I would tell my close friends, family members, you guys (my readers), co-workers and would all in all get some positive feedback. I have some people who have not told me directly but I can feel the vibes, not sounding so thrilled for my journey. But that’s ok, I tell myself because this is “my” journey and it’s not meant to be understood by everyone.

I am thrilled to say after two weeks of building back my ego, building back my confidence I overcame my fear and sent my first two chapters to my publisher yesterday. I have never experienced such anxiety sending an e-mail than what I did yesterday, maybe because my personal experiences are now out in the open and not bottled up inside my memories. But I have a dream and I will not let anyone, even myself tell me I am not qualified or good enough to make my dream a reality. I am writing today because I want my readers to know struggling with negative self talk happens to me too. Struggling on setting boundaries with my mindset happens as well. If your reading this you are important and you do matter, but no one else is going to build you up, or support your positive mindset like you do. You make that happen for yourself. Referencing back to my mentor (who I’m sure does not even know I exist) Rachel Hollis “When you really want something you will find a way, When you don’t really want something, you will find an excuse.” # Thisismedoinglife #Writingismypassion #Blogmomma


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