Taking a Rest Day….

Good Morning everyone!!! 

Friday, Friday, Friday!!! I am loving the fact that today is Friday and I did indeed take a rest day from life. My plans were simple, I just need to sit back and enjoy the fact I didn’t have to work to hard today, heck maybe I will even take a nap. I am also excited as today marks my son’s school 50th birthday and I get to go be a part of the assembly. My day off couldn’t have been planned any better because all week I have felt a cold coming on so resting is what needed to happen today for my body. Plus I live in Colorado and brrrr is it cold outside. 

Today I am inspired because I choose to give myself a rest day. I could have easily continued on with my week going to work sick, not feeling like myself, worked my 8 hour day because I need the money. But I didn’t do that, instead I am home resting (not lazy) just resting my mind, body and soul. How many of my readers can relate to this? Self Care is not just about going to meet up with your friends for coffee, or dinner dates. Self care also involves resting and listening to your body when it in deeds needs to rest. I can admit I have been go, go, go week after week. Wrapping up my 100 days to Brave study, wrapping up my Esther online bible study, participating in the last 90 day challenge with Rachel and Dave Hollis, while also writing and getting chapters turned into my publisher for my first book. While this is all positive busy work, it is just that busy work and very time-consuming. 

I would have never called myself a work alcoholic before, but I recently learned how this term relates to my life. I keep busy continuously with not only my full-time 40 hr work week job but also in my personal life, I take on so many extra tasks because I personally have goals, wants and dreams to achieve for myself and my family. I really try to utilize my full 24 hour day to being productive and not give into life distractions. But let’s be real I am human too and not perfect, I have off days just like everyone else. What I know sets me a part from others is I won’t let one off day distract me for too long, I won’t let one failed moment keep me from staying motivated to get myself seeing the bigger picture. Just like I cannot let my mind it’s “work alcoholic” self, allow me to feed into the sickness for too long before I put the brakes on and say “ok body, you need a rest day, you need to get better.” The holidays are coming friends and these rest days are going to be crucial for us.

I encourage you today if you are feeling like your long overdue for some time off, if you are feeling that tickle in your throat, or drowsiness in your body, Take the Rest day my friends. You won’t regret it!! This goes back to who cares what others are going to think of you taking some time for yourself. Who cares if you will have double the amount of work when you return back on Monday, if you need the rest day my friends, take the dang rest day!!! 

As always I appreciate the comments, the likes on here and on social media. It’s been amazing making new friends! Please feel free to share my blog link if you are at all inspired by my writings. #Thisismedoinglife #Restday


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