Do you Step up or Step back…

Hey guys, 

How has everything been going? When I said I was taking some “me” time on Friday! Man did I mean it. I didn’t do much this weekend at all and it felt amazing. My three-day weekend went by too quickly like it always does, but it was needed time off for sure. Today I had the opportunity to hear an amazing speaker at a conference I am attending. He brought so many things to perspective for me today, so tonight as I am challenged to think about some of his ideas, I will also share them with you. 

We were asked today to think about the first time or maybe the last time you stepped up for yourself or someone else? I know this is a deep thought and stick with me here, there is a point? But seriously think about the last time you stepped up for yourself or someone else. How did that experience make you feel? Did you catch yourself being able to step up a second time? Recently, I had to stick up for someone I know. I watched this person day after day be talked to negatively, given negative looks, and gossiped about to mutual friends. Finally enough was enough and although I don’t like being involved in confrontation, I stepped up. Not because I was asked to step up, but because I believe people need to be treated as equal. People need to be valued, and loved for all their talents and praised for them. As the speaker told us today, it will take lots of practice but the more situations we encounter where we can step up, instead of step back, these so-called “difficult conversations” can be done and done successfully. Most of the time the people who create these difficult situations for everyone are struggling with their own insecurities, or problems and tend to take out their frustrations on the ones they love the most, or worse to complete strangers. But what we also need to recognize is no two people are the same, we wont do the same things, or like the same things but it doesn’t give anyone the right to put others down because they don’t believe what you do, or operate the way you do. Sticking up for this person made me feel good, it solved a problem that was likely to escalate. 

The speaker also had us think about our list of things we suck at… Yes, I know! He said to make a list of the things we suck at. He also encourage us to share this list with people with interact with daily, family, friends, and co-workers. By doing this  can help others learn more about you and gives you true ownership for the things you suck at. Maybe even a little motivation to do better and hold yourself accountable for areas of improvement. The speaker told us making our list may seem a little harsh, but in his experience when he shared his list to his employees he was pleasantly surprised. Everyone nodded in agreement, that his list was indeed accurate and everyone got a little laugh by his honesty. This got me thinking, I am ok when it comes to laughing at myself. Sometimes in the heat of a disagreement a good laugh can help me to not take myself so dang serious. 

So readers to put these ideas into works I encourage you to write down the last experience where you stepped up for yourself or for someone else? Maybe you stopped a bully in grade school, maybe you protected your sibling from childhood trauma… Whatever it was write down the way you stepped up. Also to write down a true list of the things you suck at. Share it with a few people you work with, or family you interact with. See if this list creates conversation that otherwise would not have happened? See if this list has you communicating more effectively with the people you shared it with, cause now they understand you a little bit better. 

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