Do you know your Why…

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I just want to toot my own horn for a bit the morning, and share my excitement with you all. I got the best e-mail last night from my publisher. As many of you know I am on a book writing journey, and while I am more than pumped to finally get all my thoughts out on paper and have almost half my book already written out, sending the first e-mail with all the “goods” proved to be so nerve-wracking for me last week. My publisher Michelle has been amazing at staying in contact with me and guiding me so much during this writing process, she e-mailed me last night saying she found my content “great so far, easy to read, and refreshingly honest” You guys, I worked myself up so much to send that e-mail and I was fully prepared (or so I think I was) to get back an e-mail from her saying there were already parts she felt would not be appropriate or she could not support and good luck in my writing journey. I know! I know! Extreme thoughts, and dang girl give yourself some freaking grace! Trust me, positive self talk lately has been my best friend! But if I am being honest, I want my first book to speak to people! My passion is to truly resonate with people and help them realize that even on the worst and loneliest days we do not get through “life” alone, and while I say this and even type this to you guys I do wholeheartedly believe this. 

This leads me to my “why” in life and my writings today. From a very young age I found myself in leadership roles, in first and second grade my teacher would designate me to be our classroom weather girl. I loved having that title and being able to share the daily weather with my classroom, you would have thought I was the president of the weather channel by the way I studied and prepared myself. As I got older my leadership roles shifted, the ways I show leadership now is when my sons teacher needs a classroom helper, taking on extra work at my full-time job to help keep my team a float, and taking on the daunting task of being my mother’s medical power of attorney when her all her medical needs clashed and she could no longer handle the stress of managing all her appointments. My “why” in life is not only to serve, but to educate and be educated myself. What I have learned when it comes to education of any sort is the person who your educating has to be willing to learn, he/she has to be willing to hear new ideas, otherwise the person teaching is ultimately preaching to the choir. My “why” in life has me pushing my limits, writing a memoir, and consistently stepping outside of my comfort zone. What I have learned in the process of figuring out my “why” in life was it has always been with me. Just is some seasons of my life my I allowed my “why” to shine vs. shove it to the side pretending like it didn’t matter. 

My “why” in life has always had me standing up for the truth, to speak truth even when the truth is difficult to hear. For the longest time I would not have called this a blessing, and rather more a curse. When I get passionate about something, or when I see a family member get mis-treated, used, or abused it pains my heart to just for the sake of words “stay out of it”. Especially when I see potential in a situation to make things better. My “why” and the leadership person inside me wants to fix all the problems, if only THEY would listen. Anyone felt this way before? Maybe you lived through something and you already know the outcome, but you witness a family member/ friend struggling through something you fought years before and they just won’t give you the time of day to help them. I am here to tell you once you understand your”why” in life, you are now able to understand why you respond the way you do to certain topics. My “why” causes me to want to fix everything, but in reality I am not god and do not hold that power, nor am I powerful enough to make everyone listen to me. So in understanding my “why” I was also able to figure out my triggers and why “be slow to anger” is such an important scripture for me to live by. Also realizing it’s ok to let people fail, yes I said that! Let me say it again! It is ok to let people fail! When you are constantly fixing every situation for your loved ones they get dependent and needy. They will never learn for themselves how to succeed if you don’t allow them the power to fail. 

I am not writing today to tell you to drop all your responsibilities, rather to get you thinking about your “why” in life. My “why” was easy to spot once I listed out the things I was passionate about. It stood out to me like a sore thumb. So I encourage you today to really sit down, brainstorm a bit and really figure out your “why” in life. Are you living out your “why” or are you just getting by? Since putting in the work understanding what makes me tick, what sets my triggers, I have felt so much freedom and relief from anxiety. I am able to handle my current season of unknowns with grace, and encourage my loved ones we will get through this, and truly mean it! Cause we sure will, and you will too. If you read my blog in full today, Thank you!! I know it was lengthy but it was truly on my heart and needed to be said. 

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One thought on “Do you know your Why…

  1. Sometimes the “why” changes. You inspire me to do a self check and find my “why.” I’ve always had it, I just didn’t know. I am realizing I had shoved my “why” in the closet. You are helping me dig in the closet and dust off. Thank you so much.


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