Do you push yourself…

Hey friends, 

Thank you all so much for remaining patient with me. I will get back to writing everyday as writing brings my heart joy and my mind centered to tackle the day. But I am also the girl who wants to do “all the things” work, read, parent, workout, personal development are just to name a few. I want to get “all the things” done within a 24 hr day and everyday. Some of you may look at my list and think, dang girl! You are crazy! As I have told you before I push myself everyday to a higher standard and you can imagine how I push myself, I also push those around to do the same for themselves. In setting so many goals though I have seen the importance of only picking a few projects to master at a time. 

I heard something today watching a live feed from my girl “Rachel Hollis” She does know I exist guys and I have proof LOL!!! But she said something the morning that I just cannot shake. Her words were “What got you here, won’t get you there.” Think about this idea for a moment. I know for me personally my husband and I are about to enter in the gates of no longer being a slave to debt, and we mean all debt. No more car payments, no more mortgage payment we learned the credit card lesson early on in our relationship but this includes even our emergency credit card. We are determined to make our debt go away and in turn having a savings for ourselves and our family. Talk about BIG dreams RIGHT! we have signed up for a 9 week seminar Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class. If I am being honest I am scared to even attend the first class tonight. Because you know they are going to put our butts on a budget, and not just any kind of budget I mean a true budget. 

Then Rachel Hollis said those words the morning “What got you here, won’t get you there.” My husband and I already consider ourselves to be some what money savvy. We are hard workers, we actively try not to live above our means, but we also struggle to save money, that is an area where we have lots of room for improvement. So in thinking about Rachel’s words we have got ourselves here and in our current financial situation but we need the help and tools to get us to our ultimate destination of being and living in financial freedom. What does that even look like or feel like to a person?? So the point of my blog today is, think about the areas of your life you know if you pushed yourself more? If you took risks? How much more successful could you be in achieving that goal you set for yourself? Trust me, I don’t have the answer yet to this question for myself, but I am actively seeking the answer and finding the right people who can guide my family to finding our financial peace. We know these are big dreams to dream but we also know no one will care about our big dreams like we do, and we are the only ones who can make this happen for ourselves. 

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Push yourself


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