The Tides of Change…

Hey everyone!!! Can you believe it we are making it to Friday y’all (Sorry honey it fit perfectly here) Seriously, this week I can say without a doubt I have been really doing “all the things” and handling them rather well if I may toot my own horn. I have been rocking it this week with the kids as I got together 35 treat bags for my sons kindergarten class, I also pre made 35 paper plate spider crafts for his class that included stapling plates together, cutting pipe cleaners, adding googly eyes. It was a process for sure. Lets not leave out all the writing, I have been killing it in writing my book, deadline is November 30th. It is now more than half way done, YAY!! I have also actively been looking for a second job as my husband and I are all in with Dave Ramsey and his financial peace class. We no longer want to be a slave to debt and I am proud to say I have partnered with a local insurance company to help her make her monthly flyers. It’s crazy the opportunities that present themselves when you allow to yourself to work outside of your comfort zones. It’s even more crazy the opportunities that present themselves when you ask questions and push the envelope a little even if the answer is “no”. 

I want to say congratulations to my mom today, my mom has been through the ringer with her health and in October we celebrated her 50th birthday! My mom has had an Ostomy going on two years in December and has fought many embarrassing struggles with everyone knowing all her business. While my mom is not a group therapy type of person, she has found her inner strength to start an Ostomy support group with the help of a local hospital. This is a huge deal for my mom and she is so determined to be successful in this journey. Today to support her and to help her navigate what should be talked about in her first few meetings, together we went to our first group Ostomy session and it was amazing! The people were all so welcoming, we came home with so many resources. Starting this support group has made her re-discover her “why” in life and re-build her self-confidence. I am so proud of you mom. 

I have always been the girl who plays it by the rules. Who’s cautious and careful when it comes to making life decisions and I have realized in the last 32 years of me doing this, I have only managed to get by. This is not at all a post about me being ungrateful, or feeling sorry for myself, this is merely a post saying I no longer want to “get by”. I want to be the family who does not have to worry about weekly pay checks to pay our mortgage, car payments, or unexpected repair bills. If I have learned anything being in the financial peace class the last two weeks, it would be the way I have been taught and shown to live as an adult will work. But living this way will hold my husband and I back from truly thriving and doing “all the things” we have been placed on this earth to do. Were not planning to become complete hippies living out of a bus, but we have recognized the inner fire in ourselves to want more out of life. Change is hard! Change is scary! Change is also necessary and oh so rewarding when you finally start to listen to your “why” in life. So guys I am saying tonight take some time and think about what sets your soul on fire! What gets you pumped up to do more and be more? Once you figure that out I’m telling ya the possibilites are endless. 

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One thought on “The Tides of Change…

  1. Thank you sweet pea for being my support in order for me to support others. Change is hard. Getting out of my comfort zone is scary. I also see this new endeavor as a blessing. A gift I can share with other ostomates. God closes a door but opens a window. This group is not on my time frame, however, it is on God’s time. Now that is awesome. 🙏🏼


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