Let the tears flow…

Good Morning readers! Here in the United States is Election Day so make sure you utilize your right to vote! I really will try not to get all political on you but it breaks my heart when I hear people say it’s just one vote, it’s not going to matter anyways. I know elections can definitely make people feel that way but if that’s you saying these exact words than, my friend you have some work to do. Elections go all the way back to the writings of scripture, if you don’t believe me go check out Romans 13,Timothy 2, Proverbs 29. Then go back to more recent relate-able times from people in history who have fought for our right to vote like Susan B Anthony, Alice Paul and Martin Luther King Jr. These famous names were so called “one” vote as well, but man did they make a statement to their names. Anyways long story short get out there and vote!! 

I truly feel like I lit such a spark inside myself these last three weeks in starting this Dave Ramsey financial Peace Boot camp. I have come to the realization I know what it takes to get a good credit score and when balances start racking up and getting out of hand, I also know the word “refinance” to help consolidate the debt  that some how grew out of control. Let’s just call myself the refinance queen! So needless to say starting this Dave Ramsey journey I am literally having to re train and re teach myself everything and I mean everything I once thought to be true about money. Oh my word you guys, I am not going to lie to you it has been one of the hardest things to tackle that I have ever done. Needless to say because it is such a challenge doing the weekly homework, creating the weekly budget and holding not only myself but my husband accountable to our financial goals, guys I just cry because this journey starting out is so hard. I fully understand why people quit and drop off from the program cause dang it, it is so freaking hard. 

Last night as I was writing my gym trainer to please cancel my Hiitbox membership I was feeling pretty defeated. Let me explain, in August 2017 I went to my trainer wanting to change my life, wanting to develop better habits and where my health was for me a year ago was really poor. I was overweight, comfort eating all the time, rocking the scale being pre-diabetic it was bad! Then I met Adam, the guy is local for me, his success rate in our community was amazing. Everyone said the workouts were hard but they didn’t die and oddly enough that made going fun! It took me paying someone else to tell me to do jumping jacks, to push me when it came to running, in order for my life to change. I have dropped 30lbs in the last year. I found my inner strength to become healthy physically and emotionally and to stay healthy for no one else other than myself. Hiitbox for me was the push I needed to make life changes, so now having to cancel (temporarily) such a key reason to what I have accomplished in this last year hurt my heart and soul to my core. Even writing these words now makes me fight back tears. Adam being the amazing trainer he is wrote something last night that I am definitely going to frame in regards to me reaching for my goals, his words “If they don’t scare you they are not BIG enough”. Doing this Dave Ramsey financial boot camp my husband and I have BIG goals and we are in it to achieve greatness together. Just like when I joined Hiitbox and the running burned in my chest and the sweat came out of my body like I was the Hoover Dam, we will tackle our finances using the same concepts Hiitbox taught me. The bible acknowledges hard work in Deuteronomy 15:10 God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to. Like I told my trainer I have been given the tools to branch off and succeed in my workouts on my own during this season of paying off debt and I have not worked this hard in my fitness goals to ever give up on myself again. But my tears still came last night! My hurt heart still hurts because I never thought signing up for this Financial class would be so life changing. 

Are you ready for more… Another break through I had last night was In January 2018 I had started a beautifully Brave journey with my online bile study group. This journaling experience had me writing everyday and challenging myself to be Brave in areas I knew could use improvement. Since January my prayer day after day was god please show me the ways to use my finances better, to be better prepared for unexpected expenses. Even in my journal on day my husband had made the comment “you only need me because I am the money maker”, it was said during what I am sure was a kidding kind of moment but for one reason or another it had stuck with me and I wrote that down in my journal. Fast forward to June this year and my husband would be miserable at his day job, he was working too much, 12 hr days 5 days a week, workers un-happy at the job, turnover galore in their warehouse. I was sure if my husband kept up with this schedule soon we would be dealing with him in the hospital because I was sure he was going to give himself a heart attack. We agreed it was best for our family and for him he quit his job. I stand by our mutual decision still to this day, I am so proud of my husband for taking a stand for himself. Granted we didn’t think the un-employment would last 5 months and still counting, but we as a family have learned some valuable lessons as to who are together and how we function. It is no coincidence we signed up for such a life changing financial peace class through our church while we are living off of one income. Do you see reader all those times I prayed for clarity, prayed for a chance to be better at managing our finances god was listening and apparently I still need to work on being “still” enough to hear him speak because it would take this season of un-employment for me and my husband to finally get on the same page about our finances and our financial goals. This BIG Picture all happened to me last night and I am not kidding the tears just didn’t stop! 

What I am learning through this process is, it is completely ok to want BIG goals for yourself. It is also completely ok to admit you were wrong in your ways of thinking and in my case it was in my way of budgeting. Some may think talking about your financial problems shows the world your weakness, but think about it on the flip side sharing with the world all what we are learning and how we will ultimate succeed in the end. Sharing such success people will praise and pat us on the back for a job well done. I encourage you today to think about those changes you want to make for yourself, write them down, if you believe in god pray about it. Then think about it, the changes you want for yourself what is in your way to making those “wants” into “actions”? It tough you guys and it might cause some tears but it is so rewarding when accomplish what your heart set out to do. 

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Let the tears flow1

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