Say what you want to say…

Hey Readers! I know it’s late and while this may end up a short and sweet post I absolutely felt a tug at my heart to post this. My first book is almost completed. 1000 words to go is it! Which if you’re wondering or think that seems unreasonable, to put into perspective that amount of writing is something I usually do in one blog post. Writing my first book has been more challenging than I ever imagined the process to be and so far this has been just literally me getting my thoughts out and on paper. I’m sure editing this baby will present a whole new set of challenges, but we are not there yet. I am so thankful to my family for encouraging me to just say the things I need to say. As a writer and someone who is writing a personal memoir you wouldn’t think telling “your” story would be so hard. I am here to tell you this was way harder than I thought. Partly because my experiences and convictions are just what I said “personal”. It is really hard not to write a full paragraph saying all what you want to say, then reading back over it and thinking hmmm do I really want to tell the world all that? Some of my chapters I have had to sit on an entire week because they just seem to painful to be on paper.

The things that keep me writing and keep me from backing out entirely of this whole book writing process is I know in my heart, my story and experiences will help and encourage others. It will help others learn to heal from trauma and hopefully inspire others to share their life stories. Writing this book to some extent has been some intense therapy for me, feeling some old memories just to allow myself to finally let go of the heartache. Writing this book has also had me sharing with my husband more about my childhood than I had ever shared with him in the past, even when we were dating. Writing this book and following up my writings with scripture has also shown me that I am not the first person to experience such trials, nor will I be the last. Scripture already has us covered when it comes to crossroads in our lives. Big or small crossroads scripture talks about it all from Love, forgiveness, happiness, sadness, life, death, and so much more. Isn’t that inspiring. Here I allowed myself to be my own worst critic all these years and god in the bible already had me covered.

So I am writing tonight readers to let you know it’s ok to say what you want to say. There is a sense of freedom when you don’t allow yourself to hold back those skeletons in the closet. I wouldn’t have been able to write my first book, the way I have, had this been my decision alone. I am confident, I am made for more and in this season of personal development and growth it is no coincidence god has me wanting to share with the world my story even if to me it seems unfinished. Thank you lord for entrusting me with such a task, knowing I too would be brave even when it comes to telling the hard stuff.

Readers I can’t wait to share my story with you! As always if you are inspired by my words, please share my blog link on your personal pages. Please also add your e-mail address that way you are notified when new content is posted. #Thisismedoinglife #Weightofworth #Sharingtruth


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