Just have patience…

Hey Everyone!! 

I hope everyone is having a good day. I honestly can’t complain! Life is going as it should, I have finally finished the writings of my first book. Finally my entire heart and soul is out there on paper and I can’t wait for you all to be able to read it! Also big news I start my second job next week (Yes, my second job) I am actually really excited about this opportunity! As you may know my husband and I are now in Week 4 of our Dave Ramsey Financial boot camp. Yes, the program is still hard but I am not crying as much week to week so that right there tells me we are making progress. My husband is still actively looking for work (I know 5 months in this search, I can’t believe it). But we are learning in real time what it means to just be patient in the process. My husband can only fill out so many applications per day, we as a couple can only tackle so many fires in one day. So now we need to trust and just learn to be patient. 

Tuesday night in class we were in instructed to bring our credit cards so we can once and for all cut them up. When the e-mail first went out I said “they have to crazy, I am in no way prepared to cut up these cards.” Because “What if?” After some days in thinking about this challenge I warmed up to the idea, ok I will at least bring them to class but no way are we cutting them up. We were sitting in class and Dave Ramsey brought up the idea… because of the program we are currently in, we are taking the steps to change our family tree. Choosing to cut up our credit cards and focus on paying debt and becoming debt free is changing our family tree. My husband and I would be so inspired and in class Tuesday night we CUT UP THOSE CARDS. It felt amazing!!! I just needed to be more patient and obedient to the process. Us paying off our mortgage, cars, student loans, and credit cards is going to take some time, but when we allow ourselves to “just be patient” I guarantee we will see some results. 

Same idea goes for my husband and the job search situation. It’s hard to day after day feel like we have made not a break through in him finding a job, it’s hard to “just be patient” but as I am learning the more patience with have with this process the bigger the reward! So I want to remind my readers whatever hardships you are going through currently, learn to trust and just be patient. It is when we can learn to be “still” and not constantly on the go, go, go do we really see the bigger picture. Learning to be patient and trust is changing the way I do life and I know it can change for you too. 

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Credit Cards

Credit Cards1


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