Can you believe it…

Hey Everyone! I apologize for being so absent this last week. My family and I have found out some big news in the last few weeks and it took me some time to really process what we were getting ourselves into. If you have followed me for a while you know by now my life is anything but normal. We stay busy, busy, busy! My husband and I have been doing a tremendous amount of self work, personal development, and work within our marriage the past few months. Just this past week started a second job to help speed up the process of becoming debt free and really focusing our efforts on every extra dollar applying it to our snowball. Within all this work and our busy lives, I two Wednesdays ago would find out I am Pregnant! Yes, I will repeat I am Pregnant!

So you can imagine this news I am excited, anxious, nervous. All the feels really! It took my husband and I some time to get over the “shock” factor. As it was not a topic that we had closed the door on, but it was something that I was 70% sure was not ever going to happen again. I was getting content on the idea our son Urijah would be our one and only and I was ok with that. I have spent the last year really focusing on my fitness and how I interact with food. I have spent the past year really working on myself, setting goals, chasing dreams and now in this season of unemployment we find out were Pregnant with baby #2.

This season of unemployment has been anything but life changing for my husband and I. I would have never said the two of us had relationship issues, communication issues, money issues. But all the self work we have done in these last 5 months, the two of us have communicated more than we have in the last 8 years we have been together. We have shared more about who we are as individuals, dreams we let die, ideas about what our future looks like and that in itself has been amazing! This season of unemployment was something I prayed about all year, I prayed for financial freedom and he has shown me it is possible but it will also not be given to me, financial freedom will take hard work, some tears, but it is definitely attainable. I have prayed for my husband and his spirit to be softened to the idea of church and scripture for the last 4 years and wouldn’t you know the last two months we together as a family have been going to church service every Saturday night and joined a married’s bible study group. I have prayed for my son and his relationship with his dad to no longer be a war zone and in these last 5 months my son has got to spend more time with his dad than he has all 5 years of his life. Their relationship is entirely different than what it was a year ago.

These are just a few answered prayers that comes to mind right now and I am in Awe of the power of God! I am in Awe my body at age 32 can carry another pregnancy. So readers believe me when I say my story is not finished yet. Your story is not finished yet. Blessing are everywhere and happening to you daily, it’s up to you to seek them out and recognize them.

As always if my words inspire you at all please share my blog link on your social media pages, please also add your e-mail address under the “follow” me section that way you are notified when new content is posted. My first book is completed and has started a rigorous editing process, more to come on my book launch in the months to come. #Thisismedoinglife #Baby#2ontheway #Pregnant

Believe it

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