Mood Swings…

Hey everyone!! It’s Wednesday we have made it to the middle of week. Congratulations!!! I was really looking forward to this week starting because we have been out of our marrieds bible study group the last few weeks and I have really missed my group of people. I have said it before, there is something powerful when you find like-minded people, who share the same passions, values and goals. People who you can share your hopes and dreams with and who you can turn to for advice, a hug, or a simple “your not alone” text message. In the past I never took advantage of small groups, but I am so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and signed up for this one.

Since announcing my pregnancy news last week I have struggled hard with my mind-set. I have developed anxiety about become a mom of 2. I worry I won’t be successful in balancing out my time loving both my kids and including my niece (Gracie) enough. It is truly crazy the thoughts that run continuously through my mind. I realized though this past Saturday when I woke up heart already racing and my anxiety running high “girl you got this”. Nothing has changed! Your just pregnant and to calm down. It helps knowing all the symptoms I am feeling lately, the crazy mood swings, the anxious thoughts, the bloated belly are considered to be “normal” but I don’t want to just be “normal”, I want to rock this pregnancy. I always said if I were ever to do pregnancy again, I would savor the feelings a little bit more. I would keep myself healthy and fit. I wouldn’t let the days just pass, instead I would live out my pregnancy days with intention.

So here’s to me following through and not breaking that promise to myself. As intense as my thoughts get each day I know and I do trust deep down god will provide. He has shown me this lesson more than once. I also know what a blessing it truly is for me to even be pregnant again, as so many women I know could only dream to have such a blessing happen to them. But I also realize I am human and acknowledging my feelings is completely ok, but I need to work harder at acknowledging the feelings, then letting them go.

I know I have a mixed group of readers here in this blog and while yes I am sure some of my writings are going to include more womanly things than not (especially lately), I also want to make it clear that the Mindset techniques I am actively working through daily to get me through pregnancy will work for those who struggle with everyday anxiety as well. You see readers our anxiety and the stresses we choose to take on are our life choices. As I am learning if I am not happy in an area of my life it is up to me and only me to change that, and if I can’t change the situation than I can sure change my mindset with how I feel about that situation. Are you following me? Changing my Mindset most days especially during this season of unemployment is what keeps me hopeful that tomorrow will be a better day, that god has not given up on me or my family.

So I encourage you readers to think about the areas of your life today that give you anxiety and stress you out. How can you fix those areas? And if you can’t fix them then how can changing your mindset help to ease those stressful and anxiety feelings? For me writing it out on paper practicing gratitude and literally writing one thing after another about what I am grateful for until those demon thoughts subside are my saving grace. I encourage you to practice these techniques, I say practice because it may not feel completely normal the first week or so you commit to it.

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Mood Swings

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