Let go and Let God…

Hey Friends!! Can you believe it today is New Years Eve!!! Tomorrow we will all be starting a new year. I don’t know about you all but man am I pumped!! The last 6 months of my life have been anything but boring. We have gone through un-employment, job changes, book writing, to finding out we are expecting baby #2, and now the selling of what we thought was our forever home. I know my writings have been scarce the last month, but as our family relocates and gets settled into a new routine I am pretty confident I will have more time than ever to write daily again. So now to get you all caught up on where I stand today. 

My husband and I had our last married’s bible study group meeting December 12th, although we were not saying goodbye forever to such an amazing group of couples, I was really sad that our weekly meet ups were actually coming to a close. I am sure now, we would not have survived this season of un-employment as sane as we have without there amazing support and love by this group of people. My husband and I also finished our 9 week Dave Ramsey series December 18th, again talk about having a heavy heart when it came to the last class. I signed up for this course through our church thinking I will gain a few tips and tricks on how to find financial peace, as this is something I have prayed about since the start of the 2018. Now remember I get no kick back for mentioning Dave Ramsey’s name, but you guys the amount of talking these classes had my husband and I doing week after week was amazing in itself. For once I got to hear all my husbands hopes and dreams. For once my husband got to hear from his wife that it is not solely my job to do the finances on my own, he has a say in this too. Going into our married’s bible study group and the Dave Ramsey classes I never once thought my husband and I had communication problems, or that our finances had so much room for improvement, but I was wrong. Getting into these groups really challenged my husband and I to talk. To speak about hard topics, but also showed us that when we are the same page about the hard topics that it doesn’t have to tear us a part, instead bring us closer together. 

My family is going into 2019 truly living out what Shawn and I have learned from the Dave Ramsey program. We are currently in the process of selling our family home that we have shared together for the last 7 years. While it was a very hard decision to make, we see now it is very necessary. We have baby #2 on the way and we want to be able to truly enjoy our kids. By us being debt free this will allow us to enjoy them that much more. We have ideas of what our new home will be like but we are taking this process one step at a time. We also have more knowledge when it comes to purchasing another home and red flags to look for. For once in my life, I know without a doubt God is not distant. The things my family and I have gone through the last 6 months are clearly answered prayers. God is not a genie by any means, nor will he give me all that I ask him for. But what I have learned through this process is he needs “me” to be “still” enough to listen to him, to hear him speak. When I finally moved over and allowed him to work in me and in my life, did I truly start seeing all his blessings for what they are. Some may have a hard time relating to this post today, but I am telling you if you are looking for 2019 to be better than what you experienced last year my question to you is are you willing to do the work?? Are you willing to give it all up to GOD??  Because spoiler alert as selfish as we want to be at times, all we have in this life is gods anyways. 

Happy Holidays everyone!!! Here’s to many blessings to you and your families in 2019!! Lets work hard and crush those goals!!! 

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Our Financial Peace Class 

Dave Ramsey

My Vision Board for 2019

Vision Board

Mccune Baby #2

Mccune Baby

My husband found this and said “Babe this is you”…

She's Happy

2 thoughts on “Let go and Let God…

    1. I love this!! I wouldn’t be chasing these dreams if it wasn’t for you!! In our entire relationship you have always been supportive in everything I do! I thank you for that! I can only hope you feel the same way about me in supporting your dreams. I do truly believe amazing things are to come for our growing family!! Love you!! Xoxoxo


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