Who says we have to settle…

Well good afternoon friends!! I am beyond thankful it is Friday, we have spent the last week and a half packing up our entire house. So although there were holidays in there that allowed me to have some days off outside of work, truth is packing is so much work. I am happy to report that now we are all moved into our storage unit, and our home is now officially up for sale as of today on the MLS. I have to send a huge shout out to my parents and my husbands parents, making such a huge financial decision yes involved my husband and I, but to some degree it also involved our families. Either that be helping with childcare, helping with packing and even giving our family a temporary place to go while we continue to figure out our next move. I can only hope as my children grow older I can and will be able to serve in such a way that both Shawn’s parents and my parents show us daily. We love you guys!

As we were packing this last week, it gave me some much needed inspiration about what I can write about for my next book! I know, I know, my first book is not even out yet. Well I can tell you within the next 3-4 months it will be. On top of my long to do list this week, on there was a phone meeting with my publisher Michelle. I was so happy to hear from her, a few reasons being I sent my finished product to her in the middle of November and had not heard any feedback. You know the human mind is awful when it comes to things like this… I kept thinking what if she hates it? What if I told too much? What if, what if! So hearing from her and knowing she was still wanting to move forward with my book was such an amazing feeling. Which leaves me to tell you readers, stay patient with me my friends because “this girl” is making a name for herself. One of my fears writing my first book was I never wanted to produce one hit wonder content. So to find inspiration while packing and moving for my next book idea was unexpected and welcomed. 

All this leads me to my blog topic of today who says we have to settle in life? I think back to when I was kid. My idea of being a grown up was I would finish school, find my forever job, Marry my forever husband, we would have a house with a white picket fence and 2 kids and we would live this life happily ever after. My oh my young girl, oh the things I could tell you now. Long story short is my life has not at all gone this way, and honestly if I could change any of it I wouldn’t. All the experiences the happy ones and even the sad ones are what helped shape me to who I am today. I have heard this idea countless times by my personal development idols is “it is in the times we are most uncomfortable do we grow the most.” My old self would have said you gotta be kidding why would anyone want to be uncomfortable?? But seeing my life and how much it has changed in the last 6 months because we have been just that “uncomfortable.” I have wrote a book in this time, My marriage has grown in this time, I could go on and on why this statement is so stinking true!! 

The point is you guys no one gets to tell you your dreams are too big! We were not put on this earth to just “get by” and settle. We were not put on this earth to stay comfortable and content. It has taken me years to truly find my inner self and work hard at becoming the role model I want to be for others. I still have a bucket list of things I want to accomplish and I will get to all the “things” when the time is right. I encourage my readers today to think about the goals you are setting for yourself in 2019. Are they goals that help keep you comfortable or do they make you live a little and take you out of your comfort zone? 

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