You Don’t Need Permission…

Hey Readers!! Talk about a power house of a week that is planned out for me. All good things, thankfully!! I am a very organized person for the most part, sometimes I think maybe too organized. Yes, I am the girl who carries her monthly bills in her purse just in case I need to provide proof of address or need to know what our electric bill amount is on the drop of a dime. LOL! But this year 2019, I decided why not take my organization to the next level. Why can’t I hire a “life coach” someone who could help me organize not only material things, but also my thoughts and the way I choose to live my life. Now some of you may be reading this and thinking what the heck people like this exist? My answer is yes they do, of course like anything you have to be willing to pay them, but more importantly you also have to be willing to put in the work and apply their techniques daily to truly gain success. 

Today was my first live coaching session with my “life coach”/ Personal development coach if you will. I’m sure most the people who follow my blog also follow Rachel Hollis and that is who I decided fit me best to learn such life skills from. You guys it was amazing! We spent two hours with Rachel going over what it means to Dream and Plan out your life year by year. She had us up and moving our body at the beginning of class, she had us doing meditation exercises, More importantly she now has me focusing in on what will my one goal be for 2019. Where and I going? How will I get there? And why does it matter? Going through this first class Rachel said something that I feel many of us need to hear and keep sharing with the world. You guys we do not need permission to be ourselves. We so not need permission to take needed “me” time so that we can go chase our dreams. 

I found these words so inspiring because I have felt trapped a time or two in my life when it comes to chasing my dreams. I have found life became too hard and overwhelming when working on my wants and needs mixed with the whole everyday hustle and bustle of life. So my answer during those times to make my life easier and not so hectic would be to put my dreams on hold. You know just until things settled down in life, then I could pick back up right where I started. I did this with college, it took me 13 years to get through college because I was really good at starting and stopping, or changing my major because the route I originally wanted to take seemed hard or not attainable. I stopped fighting to be fit many times in my life because it was a lot of work to get up and go work out after a long day of work and heck I love my sleep so who wants to get up early just to get all sweaty. These are just a few examples. 

Now I will say my husband is a saint and thank the lord has only ever been supportive when it came to late night homework nights, or my crazy workout schedules. But I have many friends whose spouses don’t support their wives dreams, or visions. I have friends who may have some support but it’s not 100%, if there dreams and visions interfere with a football game, work trip, etc. Bring on the guilt trips. Now I am not at all saying following your dreams and visions is easier being single and these friends need to end their relationships and break up their families. But what I am saying is all of us have dreams and we all should be given an equal chance to live and let those dreams play out. It is not our job to make other people happy. We need to remember we are not these powerful human beings where we can control our loved ones feelings or moods. Heck No! I sure do not want that kind of power. When we show our loved ones we are serious about change and start that work within ourselves, it shows. People start to take notice and become curious about the journey. 

I have been on a personal development journey for one year now. So much has been experienced, I have seen the changes made within my self and the relationships I have with my loved ones. I have done so much self work, to learn what makes me tick, what brings me joy, what situations or relationships no longer serve purpose to my life. But the game changer for me was I no longer allowed myself to need permission to live how I wanted to live. I no longer seek to get the approval of my elders because that was said to be “proper” in the past. Don’t get me wrong I am not walking the streets acting like a complete bad ass either, demanding my way or no way, LOL! I have made these adjustments with grace and much patience. But it is a game changer when you lay boundaries and loved ones, co-workers, and family members can clearly see what you will and will not tolerate any longer. So readers my task for you is to stop asking, and just start doing. 

My husband and I started Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Classes in Late October 2018, It was probably more of a goal of mine to find financial peace than my husbands in the beginning, but me being the money handler of the family I was just done. I was worn out of it always being my responsibility to figuring out where money had to be spent and why there was never enough. So I signed us up, not really asking my husband to be a part of it, but explaining we will get more out of class doing this together and boy did we. Childcare would also be an issue because this class would be held on Tuesday nights and we could not bring or 5 year old son with us to class. Also it is a school night for my son so driving him to either grandparent to watch him making us get home well after 9pm wasn’t an option either. I ended up reaching out to my neighbors who had older boys asking for temporary babysitting help. Offering soda and food in the fridge as payment for my neighbors help. Our neighbors are by no means strangers, but we have lived by them for 7 years and I never asked them for such help before. But as we learned it was a good learning experience for not only my son, but the neighbor boys as well. I could of let every excuse stop me, stop us from taking this class. Instead I choose to find answers and solutions. 

So, again readers you do not need permission when it comes to chasing your dreams. If you have the motivation and the drive to want more for your life, just do it and with no regrets. If you enjoy my writings please share my blog link on your personal social media pages. Also be sure to add your e-mail address in the “follow me” section as I will use the e-mails for free swag once it gets closer to my book release. #Thisismedoinglife #Livelifeonyourterms #Igotgoals #Weightofworth2019



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