Can you stay Focused…

Hey Readers!! Thankfully January is over and now we are finally in February!! I say finally because January for me felt so so long, I was more than willing to let that month go. Plus readers let us not forget I am getting closer to launching my first book Weight of Worth (yes, so exciting!!). I started personal development and business coaching last month and working through the month long homework really got me thinking. I know, I know, probably to most it seems like my brain is constantly going and never shuts off. But for real… The start of this coaching series really has me thinking I need to get serious about developing a morning routine. I could add that much more value to my life and the people I share it with by buckling down and finally getting serious about my morning routine. Which brings me to today’s post “Can you stay focused?!”

I feel as though my thoughts have been everywhere the last few months. While I write out my goals multiple times a week, I am constantly reminding myself lets achieve one at a time girl! But still I allow myself to put this huge cloud I like to call “pressure” on my shoulders. I mean is it that much to ask to finally feel like I have a handle on life?? Again these types of thoughts create triggers inside me and cause me to yet again lose focus. Which brings me back to the importance of creating a morning routine. Rachel Hollis says it all the time, when you start your morning in control that in itself can and will guide your entire day. To be honest the times in my life I have woke up to my alarm instead of hitting snooze either if it was to work out, spend some time in my bible, drink my coffee and watch the sun come up, write on my blog, whatever it was I did with that time made the world of difference in how I handled myself throughout the day and you guys I truly think now in this time of my life my mind, body and soul are needing and longing for such stability. 

So today with it only being the 5th of February my promise to myself is to stick to a morning routine. I’m 100% sure I will hate my alarm clock every morning, but hey if it helps to keep me centered and focused throughout the day I am willing to put in the work. Anyone willing to be challenged with me? It’s times and posts like this where I almost wish I ran a video blog instead to hold myself accountable. Either way I’ll update you guys in the next few weeks to see how it’s going. If there are any morning people who read my blog I would love to hear what your morning routines look like. What keeps you consistent? You can use the comment section to type your response or e-mail me directly I would love to hear from you. 

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