But Its hard…

Hey Readers!! So hows everyone doing?!? Has any of my readers mastered their morning routine yet that we talked about last month?? Well for me I can’t say I have either. While I do feel like I am getting better waking up and not completely dreading my to do list, I still cannot seem to just wake up early enough to pray, read, or workout as of yet. I am however 21 weeks pregnant and doing weekly injections to help prevent me from going into pre-term labor, so I am really trying to cut myself some slack on what I can accomplish in a 24 hr day But that can be hard to do. Right!!

I want to write today because man making your dreams a reality is so freaking hard. If you have followed my blog for a length of time you know back in October 2018 my husband and I signed up for a 9-week Financial Peace course that would test everything that we thought to be true when it came to finances and how we handled our own finances. We learned in this course setting up a monthly budget is necessary for myself and my spouse. We learned we were fighting to save a home because of the simple fact it was something we needed to do but indeed we were house poor. We learned we were a slave to debt paying different lenders month after month for our cars, line of credit, credit cards, etc and that exhausted us! Fast forward to us now! Last month we sold our family home that we lived in the last 8 years. It was one of the hardest decisions we have had to make as a couple, but a decision we knew was necessary for us to finally break free.

With the equity we made off the sale of our home we were able to pay off all of our debt cars, credit cards, line of credits, etc. except my student loan payments (still working this one out), We were able to get my husband enrolled in a program where he can go chase his dreams (Yes I said it! Through this process I have learned my husband has his own dreams and goals) of becoming self employed and using all his many skills of handy man work to become a home inspector. I myself was able to pay my book editor who is helping me professionally edit my first book before it is released out into the world in late April, early May. Now we are currently both working our butts off, saving like we have never saved before so we can buy some land to have a modular or manufactured home built and placed on our land as debt free as possible.

We share our story with others and most find that what we are doing inspiring. But while it may be inspiring to you the reader or our friends and family who are actively watching how this plays out it doesn’t make how we feel day to day any easier. We sold our home and thank god for my in laws and there grace for letting us stay with them while we figure out this journey, but living with family can be hard. A part of me feels bad when all my son wants to do is run around in the living room after a long day at school, but grandpa wants to sleep in his favorite chair after a long day of work by 7pm. I know this is a temporary situation but that doesn’t make how I feel some days any better.

Leave it to my girl Rachel Hollis this week to preach some wisdom into me. I feel this way because I am only human and we like to focus on the “How will I achieve this?” When I should be in fact laying my focus on the “What” What will I need to do to achieve this dream/goal of ours and “Why” Why are we doing all this work to begin with? Focusing on the “how” will always create negative talk and it sure does with me, you guys are in over head, look what you did. Where focusing on the what and why tend to keep us motivated and more focused on getting us to our end goals. What, you took on a second job to help you save faster, great keep up the motivation. Why, because you don’t want your children following in the same financial footsteps you did as a teenager, Yes change will start with you.

So I will end today’s blog with… readers don’t stop chasing something because it is too hard. Or because your dreams/goals seem to be out of reach. I am living proof right now if you are willing to put in the work, if you are willing to make those life changes, anything you set your mind too can and will be attainable. God will provide, but he is also not a magic genie that will snap his fingers and grant you all your wishes. Instead he will do something greater and make you work for it. That feeling you get when something hard was well earned and deserved is a feeling no one can take away from you. That in itself is amazing you guys.

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But its hard

2 thoughts on “But Its hard…

  1. The best wisdom ever – the gift you give yourself is working towards and then accomplishing that goal. Good for you!!!!!!!


    1. Yes!! I would completely agree. Writing out my goals daily has really helped me to achieve things one by one and really tackle some of tasks I was sure were way to hard for me to ever accomplish.


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