I did it!!!

Hey Friends!

Can you believe it we are in the month of April?!? I have been working with my publisher and my editor on my new book and you guys I have to say it is getting closer and closer for this baby to finally make it’s appearance into the world. To think this project has been close to 7 months in the making and finally next month we will have a finished product. Ekkkk!!!

On top of all this book excitement can you guess what else I finally announced to the world?! Three weeks ago I made the decision to finally go public with my faith and get baptized as an adult. It was not something I was planning to do and although I knew about baptism weekend ahead of time, I have for the past 6 years past up the opportunity to be baptized as an adult because I was great at making excuses on why oh why I was not at all ready. Sitting at church the other night I had a break through, I knew god loved me, I knew Jesus died on the cross for my sins but while I knew these things in my mind I truly never accepted the fact that Jesus indeed died for my sins on the cross that day too. It has taken me years to come to terms with the situations I had placed myself in all them years ago. I have never claimed to be perfect, or a saint for that matter, but to disappoint people who may think highly of me man that feeling alone could stop me in my tracks.

That night at church sitting there listening to Pastor Doug explain the true meaning of Baptism and what it means not by his definition but reading exactly what the bible has to say about Baptism and the relevance of being baptized fully immersed really resonated with me. With Baptism I could publicly declare my faith, while also truly letting go and giving to god all my sins and guilt that I allow to hold me back for so many years. Here I am writing a memoir that is my entire heart and soul, an idea that has tugged at my heart to do for so many years now. But what I know deep down is I could not have wrote the words, the sentences in that book without the lord’s guidance. I alone am not that brave or confident. But I do feel like this book, my memoir will help someone else, many people for that matter overcome the guilt they cast upon themselves for simply just going through life. For making quick decisions based on temporary feelings. God helped me write, God showed me and has told me time and time again “it is ok to speak truth.” 

Well Readers I hate to run but today is an exciting day as this girl has been getting all pampered and all dolled up for my book cover photo shoot that is taking place this afternoon. Do you know what that means readers?!? We are getting that much closer to finally having a finished product you all get to enjoy and read. Yay!! As always if you are at all encouraged by my writings please add your e-mail address under the “follow me” section. Also please share my blog link with others on your social media pages. I will write again soon!! #Thisismedoinglife #Liveandletgod

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