Second Chances…

Hey everyone!! I hope you all are having a good week. For me personally I can’t believe it is already Wednesday!! Like the camel says “Happy Hump Day!!!” I don’t know why but still to this day I love that commercial. Today my thoughts have been about the church series we are in called “Jonah” I was familiar with the bible story as a child but learning about this series as an adult has been so very eye opening and I am really enjoying it. 

Even if you are not a church going person I would encourage you to still keep reading because quite frankly I feel like we all could appreciate when those we love turn around and give us a second chance to get things right in life. If you didn’t know Jonah was a prophet, to save you a google search a prophet is a teacher, someone who is able to speak as true messenger of god. The story of Jonah is popular because as we learned as kids somehow, someway Jonah was swallowed whole by “BIG Fish” But it was how Jonah got inside this Big Fish is what intrigues me. God called on Jonah to go to the city of Nineveh, where he would deliver a message to the people in the city. Instead of Jonah being obedient to what god requested him to do, Jonah followed his own agenda and went the completely opposite direction. By him doing so lead him to set sail at sea far, far away. By him straying from what god asked him to do led to Jonah being in a storm and swallowed by a giant fish. 

Now here is where this story got me thinking… How many times has a loved one asked us to do something we didn’t want to do? And on a bigger scale how many times has god asked me or tugged at my heart to do the right thing and I like Jonah followed my own agenda and went the opposite direction. If you have followed and read my blog for sometime now you know my husband and I sat in a season of unemployment that lasted over 6 months, and if living off one income wasn’t enough we had also signed ourselves up for some life changing groups financial peace university and our marrieds bible study group. Being that the two of us would not in anyway shape or form consider ourselves “group” people then why would we even signed up for the classes in the first place. I know now that was god working through me, I at that time would not have been strong enough in my own skin to sign ourselves up for such hard group topics. At that point I was at a loss with what our next move would be. In these times before Christmas 2018 hit I can confidently say I had finally gave every last worry, concern, fear, question up to god. Heck I couldn’t figure it out on my own and surely he knew it too. 

Then today as I sit and ponder on our current church series on the book of Jonah I am in Awe of reading god sent Jonah a storm to get his attention. God will also ask us to do things we don’t want to do? In Jonah’s case it was go to the city of Nineveh, in my case it was go to a financial peace class and truly learn the importance on why handling your finances matter. Better yet go learn the class from people who are not in debt, and who are truly living life the way god intended. Jonah running from god ended up being his worst nightmare, I mean being swallowed by a fish there is no wonder he lived to be able to tell his story. In my case me running from the tug at my heart to do the right thing with my finances lead to un-needed stress, lead to my husband and I selling our home, and truly learning how to live this life how god intended us too. 

Which leads me to my blog topic today on second chances. Just like Jonah I know what it’s like to hit rock bottom. Just like Jonah I prayed for gods help, I prayed for god to show me and my husband discipline and still do when it comes to our finances. My Pastor said it perfectly “Grace is getting what you don’t deserve.” And you guys I would have to agree with this statement entirely. Things could have been much worse for my husband and I, We made the decision to sell our home and cash in on the potential equity we had in the home. We had a realtor team who truly believed in us and our potential. They fought to sell our home for every dollar it was worth. We also had a place to go once we listed our house on the market, thank god for our families and their un-wavering support. Today our growing family has been given a second chance to do this life the way it’s intended to be done, debt free and stress free. When I say grace is getting something you don’e deserve this speaks to me on such a personal level, as I have been working for months on writing my first book. I made the phone calls to find a publisher, I sacrificed time with my family to write, to edit, as well as finances to plan and pay for the book to be edited by a professional. We are finally in the final stages of working on my book cover and getting my product over to print. I am so thankful to be given this opportunity to begin with, I can’t help but thank god over and over again for loving a sinner like me and giving me not only a second chance, but a third and forth chance as well to finally get things right in life. 

I know this is a more lengthy blog post but I truly hope it resonates with a few of you reading this. I also hope sharing the story of Jonah helps you to see we are more like the people in the bible than most realize. Again though how awesome is it we live and get to serve a god who gives us many second chances. As always if you enjoyed my writings please share my link on your social media pages. If you have not done so already please add your e-mail address under the “follow me” section. As we will soon be giving away free swag closer to my book launch. #Thisismedoinglife #Secondchances 

Second Chances

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3 thoughts on “Second Chances…

  1. This blog was amazing! I’m a tad behind with your posts, but I wanted to say that I’m truly proud of you and all you are accomplishing! You continue to amaze me! I also loved this series, it really spoke to me. Some changes are coming my way, and I’m fully committed to giving it all to God! 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

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    1. Awe I love this!! I am truly humbled and happy you can resonate with my words and blog posts. I have said since Day 1 even if my words and writings could help one person than I am doing exactly what I was set out to do. Prayers to you and all the changes heading your way. You got this and gods surely got you. Hugs!!


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