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Hey everyone! First of all wow! This community has shown up for me in such a big way and you guys I first off want to say thank you so much. Since I announced on Facebook we are about 1 month away before launch day of my new book “This is me doing life” I have had so many people share this blog link, met new friends on Facebook as well as had new followers show up here on my personal blog page. I have said this before but it is such an amazing feeling when I can see people are literally reading my blog from all over the world. I have readers in Ireland, China, Iraq, India, Australia, are just to name a few. You guys these are places in the world as of now I can only dream of ever visiting one day. I have said from day one starting this blog if my words only resonate with one other person than writing and posting for the world to see it was worth it. 

If you have followed this blog for sometime you know I have been working hard for the last 8 months or so writing, editing and producing my first book. It has been challenging, yet comforting and therapeutic to finally be at the end stages of getting this baby ready to be launched into the world. I share personal testimonies in my book, about how I found my weight of worth in a world where we are so quick to push down those inner tugs and voices who will give us all the reasons why we won’t succeed. At the start of the new year to gain a better understanding about personal development and what it will bring to future me, I signed up for life and business coaching. 

Signing up for coaching was exactly what this girl needed in order to prepare myself for what I am about to do… Meaning I still had work to do in preparing myself for what to expect once my book is available to the world. Some may say it’s just a book, but I beg to differ. This book is literally my heart and soul of personal testimonies, this book is my lifetime condensed into 40,000 plus words. This month in life coaching we have really been focusing in on limiting beliefs, most of us have set these limiting beliefs not purposely but society somewhere along the way has made us believe these things about ourselves. Let me give you some examples of what I am trying to describe here. Here are some limiting beliefs I wrote down for myself, these were/are things I am working on overcoming. 1.) I will never be financially ahead. 2.) My first book is going to be a big waste of time. 3.) I m not a good mom with small babies. 

Some may read this and think dang girl you are hard on yourself, I would say yes you are correct. But I also need to acknowledge these limiting beliefs to be able to tell and show myself why they are also not valid. For #1- I will never be financially ahead, my empowering belief says girl you have made some sacrifices this past year and those sacrifices have left you to only have one more debt to work towards paying off. You my dear are well on your way to becoming financially ahead. #2- My first book is going to be a big waste of time, my empowering belief says girl a publisher has chosen you, to represent you and all you personal testimonies stories you have chosen to share with the world. You my girl have already inspired those who have read and helped produced this book. Lastly #3 I am not a good mom with small babies, my empowering belief reads oh momma give yourself some grace, you have a 6 year old who already loves and adores his mom. You learned to adapt to this new human and his wants and needs in the exact time you needed too. 

I share this coaching experience with you my readers because I found the exercise to be very valuable when looking at my own life in real time. I challenge you all to make a list of limiting beliefs you might have about yourself. But for this exercise to work properly you will also need to offset that limiting belief you believe to be true by an empowering belief, if you get stuck on what an empowering belief is please feel free to comment or message me and I would love to walk you through one of your own personal examples. 

Before I wrap up this post for tonight I again want to say a huge Thank you! If I could hug you all individually I would for continuing to like and share my content. Please know I see you hustlers. “This is me doing life” book will be available for purchase in June 2019, I have not been given a clear date as of yet but will post as soon as that information becomes available to me. As always if you like my writings please share my blog links with friends, or on your social media pages. I will soon be sending out a special gift to all my e-mail followers as it gets closer to launch date for my new book. #Thisismedoinglife #Firstbook #LimitingbeliefsIrefusetoletdefineme #Thiscommunityrocks



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