Do it anyways…

Hey everyone! What has everyone been up too?!? It’s crazy to me how quickly time in the day passes. Adding another baby to our chaos has really made “Time” fly. You guys our little bean of a girl is 3 months old!! How can that be? Anyways, I will try hard not to make this post long and complicated but this topic has honestly been on my heart for sometime and so heck why not write about it.

As many of you know my book “This is me doing life” Released back in June 2019. Having a new baby honestly made it nearly impossible to market and do “Traditional” book signings since I am not the kind to travel with a newborn preemie infant. But now that she is getting older I have slowly started to book myself appointments for different signings. Some of you may have seen my Facebook posts at my Barnes and Noble Signing, you guys I have to say that day was truly a dream come true. Who would have thought my book, let alone myself be at Barnes and Noble out there promoting my new book. Talk about a dream come true. I also had a signing event at a local coffee house and promoting my book there just felt right. I live and play in the community why not let my local neighbors get to know who I am. But are you ready for my icing on the cake! I have a book event tomorrow night at one of our major hospitals, expected attendance is 800 women. These are tickets that are currently already sold to this event! While I am so excited as I have prepared a ton of inventory, water bottles, Bookmarks, Personalized pens, Bath salts, candy, etc. I am also equally nervous there is a chance I don’t have near enough inventory to even bring with me. So I do ask for prayers you guys.

I have started back on my workout journey not because I feel like there is a ton of weight to lose, but I sure know my mental state is so much stronger when I move my body everyday. I have to say this time around starting this workout journey with so much knowledge I have learned the past few years my workout goals are very clear to me. In the year 2020 I have made a promise to myself it will be the year I run a 5K. It will be the year I learn more about what makes my body perform at its best. I can’t wait till I can share where I plan to start first to tackle such a heavy duty task. Even though I am busier now more than I have ever been, I have to give it to myself because those excuses and the negative self talk happen so little now. Even when I am physically tired from being up with the baby and add working all day, I continue day after day to show up for myself. On the days I absolutely don’t want to I will pack my gym clothes anyways to do the workout anyways. So I want to encourage my readers “Do it anyway” If you are bodily able make a promise to yourself to move your body!

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Do it anyway

Book Signing

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