Living the life I Prayed For…

Hey everyone!!

If you start seeing more back to back blog posting soon it is because I have quite a few blog drafts saved that I never did go forward and publish, call it stage fright or me questioning myself because I didn’t feel like my words were perfect. Either way I never hit the send button and I am bound to change that. Because as I have learned this past year my blogs mean something to you all and I need to stop hiding and start showing up again!

So you have probably wondered what I have been up too… If you have followed my blog for sometime you now know that I am a momma to now two kids (Lordy, I will take the prayers), we also sold our home of 8 years back in Feb 2019 and have been staying with my in laws this entire time (Bless them and there hearts and kindness, again we will take prayers), I was on maternity leave for the last 3 months because I had a baby but also because after I delivered baby turns out my appendix was rupturing and needed to have emergency surgery to get it removed. Now I am back to work and have been to a few fun events to help promote my new book “This is me doing life”. The conversations I have had with women who just truly get me and who admire my honestly and raw, real life stories that I put in this book truly humble me and make me so proud. I have said it before but as much as I wrote this book to help support and help others heal, all this work has really allowed me to heal from trauma I had been holding onto for so many years. I truly want to Thank those who have supported me, who have not only bought the book but also read my creation. I have said since day 1 even if my book only helps one person, than it was worth it.

You guys this life day in and day out. The good days, the exciting days, the hard parenting days, the hard anxiety days I can truly say I FINALLY get to experience and live the life I have been praying for. You see for so many years I have prayed for clarity, I have prayed for god to show me my purpose. I have prayed for Financial Peace, I have prayed for someone to show me unconditional love and for my heart to be open to receive such love without restrictions. While this past year has being anything but easy and comfortable, it has been a year of extreme growth in all areas of my life. My finances, my faith, my fitness, my marriage, as a mother, as a caretaker, seriously this list can go on and on. I know the best is yet to come and there is still work to be done, but I do feel like I should take a moment to just soak in truly what has all been accomplished. I will spare you with our long list of accomplishments as you can read back even just the last 5 blog posts to understand where my heart is, but truly today I just wanted to rest in peace and give god praise for showing me vividly he hears me and he answers prayers. It is so true what they say “The ugly part of your story you’re living through right ow is going to be one of the most powerful parts of your testimony” Yes, Amen! As Rachel would say “I am here for it!”

We may have had to purge a lot in our personal lives this past year and developing new habits, because our last 9 years of bad habits were not helping us, but finally, just finally I can say yet again hard work does pay off. I found this to be true when I graduated college and I find this to be equally true as we go on with this next journey in life. With the help of an amazing realtor, lender, and our family, within the next 45 days Shawn and I will be buying a cute ranch home 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathroom on a 2.5 acre lot! To say I am stoked is an understatement. We had to “Let go” a lot and really trust in god he has this handled and would one day show us results only he could provide and this home is no different. We had found a realtor who has seriously worked miracles with the sellers for months now. We also found sellers who are amazing human beings and who only want to see their property go to a loving family and one that will enjoy the land and lot for years to come, so price to them is not an issue. I’m telling you guys! God is good! Only he could pull off such a transaction and put the right people in our path to have even made this happen.

What I am getting at friends is if your feeling lost, lonely, broken, hopeless, I want you to know their is a God who loves you for you. No rules, no hidden agenda. I can’t help but want everyone to experience such an abundant love. I hope you all are having an amazing week! One day closer to the weekend! Please share my blog link on your social media pages, also my book “This is me doing life” is on sale on Amazon and Kindle is still running their special where my book is FREE if you have a Kindle membership. Go check it out. If you have already read the book please, please, please go on Amazon and write a review. Let your fellow shoppers get a taste of what they can expect. Love you all! I will write soon! #Thisismedoinglife #Godfirst #Abundantlove #Herewego #Home

God first

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